Pool TablesWhen shopping for pool tables, among the questions that you need to ask should be to know what type of playing surface it has. According to the Billiard Congress of America Equipment Specifications, the most appropriate playing surface should be able to maintain flatness and should not deflect too much. The bed should have a billiard fabric covering made of wool to avoid unnecessary rolling off of the balls. They recommend three pieces of slate that is at least 1 inch thick for tournament sized tables and one-piece slate for home tables.

What is a slate in pool tables?

A slate is a morphed sedimentary rock similar to shale. Because of this, it is often called a metamorphic rock. Its original form as a sedimentary rock morphs into a slate when heat and pressure is gradually applied. The morphing process is a slow one to ensure the right change is made.

Because of the morphing process, the slate now has low water absorption index and, thus, is now resistant to damage from frosting. This is why slates are also used to make tombstones, roof tiles, chalkboards, and pool table playing surface.

There is a wide range of slate resources as it is mined in many cities including Wales, France, Virginia, Vermont, and New York.

What makes slate an exceptional playing surface for pool tables?

According to experts, aside from being highly resistant to frost damage, slate is considered the best choice for a pool table playing surface because of its stability.

You can cut slate into thin sheets or turn it into grains, making it an ideal and affordable choice for a high precision playing surface. Another surface to consider is granite. It has the same qualities, plus more but it is greatly expensive as compared to slate. The primary reason for this is because granite is hard and difficult to cut. Hence, it is expensive to cut and finish unlike slate.

It is important that you know every part of your billiard table. Inquire about each part – from where they are made and why such raw products were chosen – to ensure that you buy the right and most suitable billiard table for your needs without spending more than what you have allotted for this expense.

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