BilliardsAmong the parts of your billiards table, the cushions or the railings are the first ones to get worn out. Replacing the cushions is very basic and easy that you can do it on by yourself even without proper training and previous experience.

Here are the tools and materials you need to replace your pool table cushions:

  • Staple gun
  • Glue
  • Straight edge
  • Sharp knife
  • New rails or cushions

If these are not already available in your home, they are available in most local home depots and hardware stores. Of course, you will need to buy a new of set rails from your pool table manufacturer. However, you can also buy from a distributor. Remember to seek advice from a professional regarding the best and most reliable type of rail before your purchase anything.

Replacing Billiards Table Rails

To replace your table rails, follow these easy and simple steps.

1. Remove the Rails and Felt
The old and worn out rails can be removed by unscrewing from the table. Use your knife to cut through the rail and remove the feather strip. The feather strip is what keeps the felt folded. To remove the felt, you will have to remove the feather strip. Use pliers to remove the staples that attach the felt on the table.

2. Remove Facing
You will need to remove the old rubber railing as well before installing the new ones. To do this, you will have to remove facing, which is the end cap of the rubber rails. Make sure there are no glue and rubber elements left when you remove the rubber railing. You may want to use a scrapper to ensure it will be clean and smooth.

3. Add Adhesive
Add a generous of adhesive or glue to the new rail and the cushion. Let it air dry for several minutes before putting together. You’ll know they’re ready when the glue becomes tacky.

4. Align New Rails
This is a critical step because the rails need to be properly aligned for you to effectively use your billiards table. Improper alignment may negatively impact the result of the games that you will play on the table. To ensure the new rails are properly aligned, use your hand to guide where the rail should be placed. Use the straight edge to mark the ends of cushion and the knife to cut off the excess rails.

5. Add the Felt
Add the felt to the table and tuck it in the new railing using a feather strip. You may want to knock on the strip using a hammer to make sure it is tightly in place. It’s alright if the feather strip is slightly higher than the rail, just be sure that it is tight. Go along the railing while pulling the felt tightly for a snug fit. Use your staple gun to hold the felt in place.

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