Billiards One of the most abused parts of your billiards table is its cushion. If you bought a high quality table, then you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the cushion for a long time. On the other hand, if you’ve bought a substandard table, you may need to keep a look out on the signs to ensure you replace the cushion before it can cause severe damage to the table.

Signs that you need to replace your billiards table cushion

The cushions are almost always replaced along with your table’s rails. So the first sign that these need replacing is when you notice a change in game play. If you use the table frequently, it will be easy for you to notice changes when playing a game on the table. These changes may include changes in the way billiard balls roll and bounce off the table and other things that may seem off to you.

If you hear a deep thudding noise when the balls roll or bounce on the cushion, this means your rails are already worn out and you would have to replace them at once, along with the performance rails. You may need to replace all six cushions as the rails often wore out at the same time.

Another great way to ensure that you need to replace your cushions is to do a resiliency test.

What is the billiards table resiliency test?

The resiliency test is an effective way for you to ensure that your cushions really need changing. To do this test, you need to roll a ball on the table rails. Normally, the pool ball will bounce against the rails at least 3-4 times before stopping. You will know that you need to change your cushions and your rails if the ball bounces less than the average rate which is 3-4 times.

Replacing your cushions

No one can tell if the cushions and rails installed in a pool table are of the highest quality. Nor can anyone tell if a pool table manufacturer short changed them by using cheaper rails and selling the tables as expensively as high quality tables. One can only assume this is the case if the need to replace table cushions and rails comes rather early.

On the other hand, the truth is that pool table owners would really have to replace their cushions and rails at some point after buying and playing on their billiards table. This should be part of your maintenance responsibilities.

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