pool tableMany experts often suggest having a billiard mechanic check up a pool table after at least one year of being used and played with. This may not be common practice but it sure does help in maintaining and taking care of your billiards table.

The key to a successful check up is probably looking for the most suitable billiard mechanic to work with. You can ask your table dealer or manufacturer if they offer this service or recommend one since they would most likely be working with a reliable billiard table mechanic.

When should I have my pool table examined?

According to professionals, the first check up should be after at least one year of using the table. This is the average time when tables start to show signs of wear and tear especially if they are used frequently. So having it checked by a professional at this time will ensure that possible problems and potential damage could be detected early on.

After the initial check up, you can continue for a regular check up, which is whenever you change your cloth. Of course, if you notice something off with your table that you cannot fix on your own, you can always call in a billiard mechanic to help you out.

What should the pool table mechanic examine?

Below is the list of the areas of a billiards table that will be examined by a mechanic.

1. Table slate level – The mechanic will ensure this is at the right level. You can use a mechanic’s level to confirm and verify the observation.

2. Rubber cushions – These should be tightly attached to the rail even after a year of using the table.

3. Signs of wear on the cloth – The fabric should not move when an open palm is placed on top of it, even when full weight is added.

4. Table slate – The mechanic will carefully inspect the table slate and make sure it has not shifted from its original placement.

5. Seams – These should not be opening up or start to show gaps and holes.

6. Cracks on the surface – Depending on how you use the table or how frequent you play on it, cracks may show on the table’s surface or legs. Should this be the case, it is extremely necessary that you have your table repaired immediately so as not to let those cracks get bigger and cause more severe damage.

Although you can do these inspections on your own, it helps if you have a professional examine your table, as this will give your more assurance about the condition of your billiards table.

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