Myrtle Beach BilliardsBecause billiards tables are already considered as precious investments, it is important that every owner knows proper and appropriate maintenance. Note that these are not cheap investments so you want to be able to use it and benefit from it for a long time.

Taking care of your pool tables is simple and easy. But you want to do it regularly to ensure utmost efficiency. On the other hand, if you are a first time pool table owner and you don’t know anything about proper maintenance, here is a basic guideline that you can follow to properly take care of your billiards table.

  • Use soft damp cloth to clean wood surfaces. Use only water or a non-corrosive wood polish to damp your cloth.
  • To clean leather pockets, damp a cloth with water or clear leather cleaner and carefully wipe the leather pockets.
  • Use the table brush provided when you bought your billiards table to brush it after every game. Remember to start at the head of the table where you break to the foot of the table where you rack the balls. Maintain light strokes when brushing.
  • Dust and chalk residue may accumulate on your table’s cloth over time especially if you use the table frequently. To prevent this from happening, you should vacuum the table occasionally. Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum. Make sure that it has soft bristle so as not to damage the cloth. Also, your vacuum should be in the low setting.
  • Invest on a pool table cover to protect your table when not in use. This will prevent dust from building up on the cover as well as accidental spills when someone with a drink comes near the table.
  • Always ensure every cue has a cue tip. Refrain from using one that doesn’t have a cue tip as this would most likely be sharp; thus, cutting the cloth and damaging the table in the process.
  • Once the table is placed and properly set by your pool table manufacturers inside the room where you want it, do not try and move it to another room on your own. Doing so may remove the proper leveling of the table which the manufacturers have set. Keep in mind that leveling the pool table requires precision and expertise to ensure maximum efficiency in every game. If you need to move the table, seek professional assistance.
  • Similarly, it is best not to use the table for other purposes aside from playing the game. Sitting on the table, lifting it, or climbing unto it will cause misalignment of the slate.

Work with a professional pool table manufacturer in taking care and properly maintaining your billiards table. Call Elko, Spas, Billiards & Pools now.

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