Myrtle Beach Pool TablesPool tables are not cheap investments. From the purchase to regular maintenance and the upgrades – you are sure to spend money as a billiard table owner, so it is extremely important that you know how to properly take care of your billiard tables.

Every part should be carefully cleaned, effectively maintained and regularly updated from the table cloth to the cover and the legs. Keep in mind that this type of investment can be passed on to your family for generations to come if you know how to properly take care of it.

If you want to enjoy using your pool tables for longer years to come and be able to pass it on to your family, check out this basic maintenance and caring guidelines for your billiard tables.

1. Avoid making high-risk shots as these could directly damage the cloth whenever the cue comes into contact with it. Unnecessary harsh contact of the cue to the table cloth can result to creating ugly marks and holes and even ripping the cloth. Make sure you let everyone who will use the table know about this rule.

2. To properly take care of your cues, consider installing a cue stack stand to safely store the cues. Keeping them in a vertical position on the rack effectively helps to prevent warping.

3. Use ball cleaners to clean the balls effectively. There are also different brands of cloth cleaners in the market today that you can use to properly clean your table’s cloth.

4. Remember to regularly brush and dust the rails and cabinetry to prevent build up and accumulation of dust and debris, which could be difficult to remove if you let them stuck up.

5. For the wooden surfaces of pool tables, use lemon oil or the most suitable brand of furniture polish or wax for cleaning. Make sure you follow the product’s instructions in properly polishing or waxing the wooden surfaces.

6. If your billiard table is made with synthetic surfaces like laminate surfaces, you can opt to use a damp cloth with mild cleaner for cleaning the surfaces.

7. Beware of using glass cleaners for wooden surfaces. The ammonia in glass cleaners may damage the wood’s finish. Plus, exposure to ammonia may also be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

8. To keep your table’s cloth smooth and clean, brush it regularly – even when you’re not using it. This will ensure that no dust and debris will accumulate on the table’s surface.

9. If you want to use your vacuum, make sure you attach the upholstery attachment and put it on the lowest setting. Vacuum lightly and in one direction only. Do not use vacuums that have rotating motions as this will damage the cloth and affect its efficiency when used in every game.

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