pool tables Myrtle BeachThere are different types of pool tables, each having a different size that is appropriate to the person using the table. There is the 7-feet variety, which is often for the amateur players. There is also a 9-foot table for those who are looking to play more billiard games. And if you want the professional table, you should opt for a full size table. These more professional full size billiard tables are often for those who are looking for bigger and wider surface to play on, allowing them to exercise great precision and thus, exclusive control over their cue balls.

Standards and requirements

If you are looking to buy professional pool tables, you will need to follow a couple of professional standards and requirements. Keep in mind that full size billiard tables are specifically designed for professional players and private games and tournaments.

Thus, it is important that you follow these standards:

  • At least 9-feet of space around the table and the cues.
  • A separate entertainment or game room that is exclusive for pool and billiard games.

If you do not have an extra room for your full size billiard table, you could opt to remodel your unused garage or basement into a game room. Make sure, however, that there is enough space for the table as well as moving space for the players to efficiently maneuver around the room. Otherwise, you can also opt for an outdoor table, which is designed to add to your lawn’s appeal.

Purchasing full size pool tables

You can buy full size billiard tables online and from many local stores. However, if this is your fist time to buy a table, it is highly suggested that you do a quick search online first prior to visiting local shops. Keep in mind that billiard tables are not a cheap investment. You need to allot sufficient time in looking for the most suitable and cost-efficient table to buy rather than buying the first table you see or the most expensive or the most popular billiard table.

Some tips when purchasing full size billiard tables:

  • Make sure you measure the room where you are planning to place the table. Bring the room’s measurements with you when shopping for a table to buy. This will help you buy the right size that will fit your game room.
  • Measure the door and entryway to your game room. This is important to ensure that you will be able to safely bring the billiard table inside the room. If it won’t fit the door, you may have to remove the doorframe and re-install it once the table is already inside.
  • Hire professionals to carry the table inside your game room and properly install the table. Do not attempt to install it yourself as this requires professional skills and expertise to ensure the table is at the right level.

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