Myrtle Beach Pool TablesPool tables are definitely not a cheap purchase. In fact, it is now being considered as a priceless family treasure that is being passed on from generation to generation. This is most especially true for those families who value their furniture and know how to properly maintain and take care of their investments. For most families, billiard tables are a big investment, considering its cost and the required level of commitment to maintenance.

Considering these things, it is important that you spend lots of time learning about billiard tables before making a purchase, particularly if it is your first time to purchase a table. There are important things to consider before making a purchase aside from ensuring you have sufficient funds. And because more and more individuals are buying pool tables, many deceiving manufacturers and fake sellers have been coming out. Thus, you need to be extra careful and you should know how to identify a real seller from a fraudulent one.

In this article, you will learn about the top 4 things to stay away from when buying pool tables. You can also use this as your guide in identifying which sellers and manufacturers are not real.

1. Tables that are on sale
Fraudulent manufacturers and sellers will stop at nothing to entice potential billiard table buyers into buying their products. And because people are naturally drawn to sales and discounts, they will post a manufacturer’s suggested retail price and a special discounted price, which is often more than half of the original price. These are the types of promotions and marketing strategies that you should stay away from. Unless, you have the time to research about the original price and verify that the retail price they have posted is real.

Most of the time, however, they just make up the retail price they post and often make it a whole lot more expensive so buyers will take notice of the discount and savings they could generate. In reality, though, they are actually paying more than they should because the table being sold most likely has the lowest quality. And most often, they would suddenly disappear after you’ve bought from them. So when you need to report a problem that should be under warranty, you will not hear from them again.

The best thing to do to prevent this from happening is to not buy billiard tables that are sold cheaply. Buy only authentic tables, which are often high priced. Don’t worry because the money you spent the purchase will be worth the quality of the table you’ve bought. Cheap tables will only result in problems and are easily damaged which can mean costly repairs. In the end, the money you spent to have the cheap table repaired will be more than the money you would have spent had you bought the authentic table, even though it cost a little more.

2. Sellers that sell other equipment and furniture aside from pool tables
Although you will surely find great deals for high quality tables in these types of sellers, you will often not receive the extra service that genuine billiard table manufacturers offer – the installation and repair warranties. Keep in mind that billiard tables need to be installed properly after you have bought them. This is to ensure proper and accurate games on the table. Improper installation may result in balls unevenly rolling while you are playing a game. Also, this could lead to damages on the table fabric and misalignment of the table’s level. Subcontractors don’t offer billiard table installation services primarily because they don’t employ trained and licensed table technicians.

What you can do to work around this problem is to hire a professional installer or a trained billiard table technician to install the table that you have just bought. It is extremely important that you hire only licensed and trained technicians to ensure proper installation. Additionally, these professionals will give you a good warranty on their services so you can call on them should you notice any problem.

3. Sellers that will offer free delivery
If you are buying billiard tables online and saw a promotional advertisement, you need to double check with the online seller. Remember that you are buying huge furniture. Yes, it would be extremely convenient for you to have the table delivered to your home for free. On the other hand, the product you are buying is big and will most probably cost the seller to have it delivered to your door step without additional fees from you.

Whenever you see the free delivery sign, always check with the seller and confirm if this applies to billiard tables as well. It would also help if the free delivery includes bringing the table inside your home. You need to verify this as some sellers’ definition of free delivery is transporting your table from their site to your home through a trailer truck, parking on your curb side, and moving your table from the truck and leaving it on the curb side. It is a must that you clarify with the seller what is included in their free delivery and how exactly the process works. Otherwise, you will have to hire your own freight company or movers to pick up the table from the seller’s location, deliver it to your home and bring your newly bought billiard table inside your home.

4. Sellers and manufacturers with suspicious names
This is probably the first sure sign that you are dealing with fraudulent individuals and scammers. Some sellers will make up brand names to further entice you buy form them. They will accompany the brand name with some fancy story of how well known the brand is especially in manufacturing high quality and long lasting billiard tables. These sellers and manufacturers know that you will not do your research or are hoping that you are too busy to look up the brand name they mentioned.

What you should do is always spend time looking up the brand names given to you by the seller. A quick Internet search will tell you whether the brand truly exists or not. And while you are at it, take time to learn about the brand and find out if they have negative reviews or if there are any consumer issues or reports associated with them. This will help you ensure that you are buying and dealing with legit and trustworthy individuals.

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