Billiards Myrtle BeachIf you think playing billiards is only a form of past time play, you need to think again. There are more benefits a family can gain from investing in pool tables aside from getting the family closer through a game of pool.

Pool tables as a family heirloom

For many families, pool tables are treated as a precious family heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation. This is why they take extra care of their tables and sometimes go out of their way to maintain and refinish the table when passing it to their children. For these families, playing billiards has become more than a game. It has become their means of reaching out to each other and getting close to one another. It has become the center of their family value and a symbol of their family closeness.

Aside from using the tables during family events and celebrations, the tables also serve as a means for unplanned family get-togethers. Indeed, the pool tables have witnessed many of the family’s events and, thus, have become an important part of their traditions. That is why many families continue to pass their pool tables to their children as an heirloom.

Pool tables help improve math skills for children

This is particularly true for your kids’ geometry skills. Remember that the goal of most pool games is to send the balls to the pockets by hitting it with the cue ball. Now, some of the balls are not in the direct path towards the pockets. Hence, you will need to hit it at an angle in order for the ball to go directly into the pocket.

Plus, playing billiards also builds estimation skills, which according to studies are needed by many students today. Indeed, pool tables are a fun way to learn more about math as well as improve knowledge and skills on geometry and estimation. If your kids are having difficult time learning about angles, spending time on a pool game is a great way to motivate them into working on their angles and excel in math.

Pool tables help improve the quality of life of older men

A recent study has confirmed the benefits of playing pool to elderly males. It seems that playing a game of pool, while drinking beer, for a minimum of four times a week helps improve the quality of life of a male senior. The study further explains that playing pool contributes to a healthy lifestyle, which would greatly benefit male seniors as they go through their retirement years.

Apparently, playing billiards and drinking beer with a group of friends helps in keeping elderly men active; thereby, helping as well in preventing the aging process, or at least the negative side effects of the aging process. It seems that playing pool serves as a great and fun exercise for the elderly men particularly because of the long periods of rest in between each activity.

The moderate drinking of alcohol, on the other hand, helps improve sociability and blood circulation. And if you serve them red wine, this will help maintain a healthy heart, which is critical for the elderly as they continue to age.

Indeed, pool tables have become a highly beneficial form of recreation for the seniors. It has great advantages as compared to playing card games and watching television, which have been their primary form of recreation for the previous decades. Because seniors today want to do more and live a lot longer, they become energized by socializing in bars and activity centers where pool tables have become an ideal game.

The best thing about playing pool for the seniors is they can play for as long as they like without exhausting themselves. This particular game encourages rest through the long periods of inactivity; thereby, allowing the seniors to regain their strength for another round of pool.

Buying billiards table for the family

Whatever your reason may be for buying pool tables, be it to serve as a fun family activity or to help encourage your kids to learn more about geometry or to help the male seniors in your family improve their quality of life – there are certain considerations you will need to make to ensure that you buy the most suitable table for your family’s needs.

1. Table top – Slate is the most recommended material for your pool table’s top most probably because of its durability. Plus, it is very easy to ground and set up while ensuring an even and flat surface, which is what you need for an efficient game of pool.

2. Table frame – Aside from slate, you can also opt to use solid hardwood materials for the frame of your pool table. You can choose from the wide variety available in the market today including oak, ash, maple and American black walnut.

3. Table legs – The legs of your pool table should be strong and durable enough to hold the weight of not only the top and the frame but also the balls and a little more weight when players lean on the table to make their shot. Although not recommended, some players cannot help but sit on the table’s top especially if there is no available sitting in the room. This is another reason why your table’s legs need to be extremely sturdy. Some of the materials you should consider for the legs of your pool tables are slate and hardwood.

Make sure that when you buy a pool table, you transact only with high quality individuals. Inquire about additional services regarding adapting the table to the needs of the people who will be using it the most. Also ask about other important features that you may need to install or set up with the table to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your family.

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