myrtle Beach pool tablesPool tables are not cheap investments. This is why it is extremely important that you learn how to properly take care of them. You must keep in mind that billiards tables will eventually deteriorate, regardless of how frequently you use it and even if you do not use it all.

You need to be prepared for whatever will happen to your billiard table because wear and tear is inevitable. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on billiard repairs and other related problems, focus your resources on properly taking care of your billiard table.

Be a responsible billiards table owner and follow this easy guide on effective maintenance to become one step ahead with potential problems and repairs.

Keep your tables clean at all times

When cleaning your tables, you need to ensure no dust, chalk and other debris are left on the table or within the table cloth and slate. Keep in mind that these may affect the quality of play as well as cause damage to your tables if left to accumulate. For more effective cleaning, experts suggest using a vacuum cleaner instead of just a table brush. This will ensure that all dirt and dust on the table will be removed rather than pushing it around the table and into the cloth and slate which is what happens when you use a table brush.

The best type of vacuum to use is a small hand vacuum on its lowest setting. This will be sufficient to remove all unwanted materials from your table and within the table cloth and slate without damaging them.

A pool table brush, on the other hand, can be convenient especially when you are using the table. Bear in mind that chalk, crumbs and other types of dirt and debris can accumulate on the table while you are playing. To prevent them from damaging your table and felt, lightly brush over your table to remove them. Remember that the proper way of brushing your billiard tables is not in a circular motion but in one direction only – towards the pockets.

Aside from a hand vacuum and soft bristle table brush, you may also want to invest in a high quality pool table cover. This will help prevent debris from sticking to your table and felt when you are not using the table.

Place your tables away from direct sunlight

You must know that direct sunlight is harmful to your billiard tables. More particularly, it could cause your table cloth and felt to fade and discolor. It can also bleach your table’s finish. Aside from reducing the attractiveness and appeal of your table, this can also decrease your table’s lifespan and weaken it, making it more prone to severe damages.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that when you have your table set up, it is not placed in the direct path of sunlight, definitely not in sunrooms, and far from large windows and fireplaces. If you want to utilize natural light as a form of energy efficiency, consider investing in blinds to effectively control the amount of natural light coming inside the room. Also, make sure you immediately cover your pool table every time after you use it to protect it from the effects of light.

Regularly maintain the wood and leather parts of your table

Bear in mind that taking care and maintaining the wood and leather parts of your table is different from taking care of the other parts. These need a special kind of care just like how you take care of your other wood and leather furniture.

To properly take care of your table’s wooden parts, you will have to apply furniture oil or polish regularly. For the leather parts, however, use leather conditioner. These will help keep the wooden and leather parts polished, helping to maintain an attractive appearance. These will also help improve their efficiency; thereby, furthering their lifespan. Ask as billiard professional for the best brand of furniture oil or polish and leather conditioner to use for your specific type of billiards table.

Keep an appropriate moisture level in the room

During summer and whenever the temperature rises, your pool tables become dry much like what happens to your skin. This is particularly true for the wooden parts of your table. They can easily become dry because of the hot temperature. When they run out of moisture, they become prone to cracking and splitting. This can also be true during winter when the moisture level increases. Aside from cracking and splitting, you will also have to worry about mold development during winter.

To prevent this from happening, experts highly recommend installing a humidifier in the room where you place your billiards table. Make sure the setting remains between 40% and 60% as this provides the best environment and weather for your wood furniture.

Conduct regular inspection of your table

This is an effective routine to help you identify signs of wear and tear early on, especially before they become severe and costly problems. Set a day in the week when you will spend time inspecting every part of your pool tables. You can do once a week or so, depending on how frequently you use your tables.

First thing you want to check is whether or not the slate is level. Keep in mind that the level of the slate is one of the most influential factors that could affect the quality of game play. Make sure your table and slate is level to ensure accurate play every time you use your table. You can check the level by using a machinist level and placing it on top of the table. You can also try rolling a ball on the table. When you notice your table and slate is not level, call you table manufacturer or technician at once to help you set it back up at the right level.

You also want to check for signs of wear and tear along the surface of the cloth and felt. It is important that these are kept tight and firm for accurate game play. Aside from affecting the quality of your game, loose cloth or bumps on the table can cause further damage if not resolved immediately. A simple way of checking the tightness of your table cloth is to place your palm on the cloth. Put your weight on it and feel whether or not the cloth is moving. If not, it is still tight. If it moves, you will have to call in a professional to help you resolve the issue.

It is always best to work with a trained and licensed professional every time you have issues and problems with your pool tables. Call Elko Spas Billiards and Pools now for professional assistance.

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