Billiard Supplies Myrtle BeachOne the most important billiard supplies are pool balls. Your billiard table will have no use if you do not buy pool balls. Although many people do not spend a lot of time choosing which set of pool balls to buy, it is still highly recommended by experts to carefully choose what to buy. Keep in mind that the quality of pool balls you purchase will greatly affect the outcome of every game you play on your table.

Plus, pool balls also create an impact on your table. Even if you properly maintain and regularly clean your table, using low quality pool balls will still result in damaging your tables. This is why it is extremely important that you, as a billiard table owner, learn everything you can about pool balls to be able to buy the most suitable set.

Here is a list of the top things you should know about pool balls.

Pool balls can be made in a wide variety of different materials

Similarly with other billiard supplies, pool balls can be made from different materials. And these different materials offer different levels of quality. One of the most common is phenolic resin, which is quite costly considering its high level of resistance from chips and cracks; contributing to its long lifespan. More affordable pool balls, on the other hand, can be made from polyester, clear acrylic, ivory, antique ox, Bakelite and many more.

Each material affects how the balls move, roll, and hit other balls differently. Ask your billiard manufacturer for the most suitable and cost-efficient option for you. Some billiard supply stores allow testing of their balls to help you choose which material is right for you.

There are different sizes of pool balls for each billiard game

Not all billiard game can be played using the same size of pool balls. Keep in mind that you need a specific size of pool balls to play certain billiard games. If you insist on playing using the wrong size of ball, you will not be able to play that game as efficiently.

The different sizes of pool balls include Carom which is 61.5 mm, Snooker that is 52.5 mm, the 38 mm mini pool balls, the American Style Pool which is 57 mm, and the British pool that is 56 mm.

Pool balls have different characteristics

Many experts highly recommend knowing the important characteristics of pool balls and other billiard supplies before purchasing. For pool balls, the top characteristics you should look for include resilience, balance, diameter, density, friction, roundness, weight, glossiness, hardness, and color. The manufacturer you are buying from should provide you with all these specifications. If not, you should ask before you buy. For best results, ask for the specifications of the pool balls you are considering buying and compare them before making a decision. Keep in mind that buying balls with the wrong weight and balance could make it difficult for you to play your game efficiently because unpredictable rebounds and erratic spins.

Pool balls should always be bought in sets

Pool balls in a set have been calibrated to match their weight and balance. It is highly recommended that you buy pool balls in sets to ensure that they have the right calibration, which would mean high quality games played on your billiard table. You can never be too sure about the balls’ weight and balance calibration if you bought them separately even if they come from the same brand and manufacturer. To be sure, you will have to recalibrate all of them.

Note that a ball that is not calibrated with the other balls in the set may react differently when hitting other pool balls. As a result, you may be unable to play your billiard games as effectively.

Your pool balls should have high gloss and smooth quality

This is not only for appearances and the attractiveness of your billiard table. The smoothness and glossiness of a pool ball actually help keep the balls from wearing your table and damaging your felt. This type of pool balls may be costly, but considering the benefits you can gain from it particularly regarding the maintenance of your billiard table, many would say it is worth the cost.

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