hot tubs Myrtle BeachMany homeowners would agree that hot tubs are great investments. They are not only great decorative features in your backyard, but they also provide many health benefits. Indeed, outdoor spas have a lot to offer other than their novelty value.

When purchasing outdoor spas, one of the first things most buyers look at is the number of jets. Some tubs have 30 or more jets while there are also others who have only a couple of jets that are placed strategically or have different functions. Considering this, it is indeed important for buyers to learn more about jets including their functions and purposes in order to make a smart choice when purchasing outdoor spas.

Is one’s experience based on the number of jets in hot tubs?

Experts would agree that your hot tubbing experience should not only be based solely on the quantity of jets your spa has. This is in fact considered as a myth in the industry. While the number of jets absolutely adds to the comfort and satisfaction of the individual using the tub, especially if he or she is looking for a great water massage, the placement and function of each jet along with the size of the tub also play a significant role in the individual’s experience.

Jets in a spa tub are added for better satisfaction and comfort. However, manufacturers have realized that not everyone wants 30 or more jets blasting out water at the same time in a tub with limited space. This is why tubs that are available on the market today have different number of jets added to them. Plus, the jets are also placed in different locations in the tub and have different powers when it comes to blasting out water. Manufacturers are carefully thinking about the type of massage that an average user could receive. And they are mixing things up by combining the quantity and quality of the jets.

When buying hot tubs in Myrtle Beach, it helps to consider how the jets will benefit you. Do not focus solely on the number of jets. A tub that has the most number of jets may not be the best one for you. Be sure to test out the power and functionality of each jet to ensure that they will indeed benefit you. Another thing to remember is that if a tub has 100 or more jets, you can be sure that all jets do not offer the same power.

Think about both quality and quantity

Always remember that the type of jets also affect how you will enjoy using the spas. Some jets move in a single direction to focus on a particular part of your body. They are also strategically placed to provide the most effect on your knees, elbows, thighs, shoulder blades and other specific areas where often feel muscle stiffness.

There are jets that move in several directions to provide thorough massage. This is often placed to target the whole of your back, giving you an amazing massage relieving all of your back muscles. These jets may also offer different levels of power for their jet streams depending on your setting adjustments.

Some spas feature a number of a single type of jets, while others combine several types of jets to provide full maximum impact. There are also other tubs that feature highly unique jets. Manufacturers are continuously developing unique jets to benefit the needs of tub users. To be sure that you are buying the right type of tub for your needs, come to manufacturers’ showrooms. Many manufacturers allow potential buyers to try out their hot tubs to help them decide which specific tub is right for them.

Buyers have different goals for purchasing spas. Some wants to have ultimate relaxation, while others are looking to have their own massage therapy sessions at their own home in their own time. Whatever you goals are in purchasing, you can fulfill those simply by taking the time to have a closer look at the jets of the tub you are considering buying. Aside from the quantity and quality of the jets, you may also want to look at their sizes, rotation methods and spray styles as these all contribute to the satisfaction and comfort that you get from the tub.

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