Myrtle Beach Above Ground PoolsPool liners are a significant part of Myrtle Beach above ground pools. It not only serves as protection for your swimming pools, it also adds a cost-effective appeal to your above ground pool. This is why it is important for pool owners to properly take care of their pool liners. Below is some useful information to help you properly handle your pool liners.

Effective installation of a new pool liner prevents Myrtle Beach above ground pools from rust

According to experts, one of the primary causes of rust in above ground swimming pools is trapped moisture or leaks, which may be due to old and worn out pool liners. Aside from this, leaks also occur as a result of using material that does not allow moisture or water to pass through your swimming pool for protection. Among the most common materials are plastic sheathing, Styrofoam and roofing paper. If you want to protect the underside of your above ground pools, use a material that allows water to pass through. As a result, water or moisture will not be trapped under the liner where it can accumulate and cause corrosion.

Protect your pool liners from being damaged by bugs or sharp objects

The best thing to do is use floor padding under the pool. This serves as a protection for your pool liner, preventing bugs, critters and stray sharp objects from getting near and damaging your pool liner. The best padding to use according to above ground pool experts is those made from materials that are highly durable and breathable. This will allow the trapped moisture and air to efficiently pass through.

Seal all gaps before installing the pool liner

If you need to install a new pool liner because your old one is already worn out or damaged, you need to seal all gaps first before the installation process. Otherwise, water may seep through behind the liner and cause build up on these gaps. When this happens, the accumulated water will be trapped in these gaps until it damages your pool wall coating and completely ruins your swimming pool wall. To prevent this from happening, properly seal all gaps before installing your new pool liner. For best results, use silicone for sealing the gaps.

Pool liners can cause leaks

Leaks from pool liners primarily happen when it is accidentally punctures or when its seam separates or splits. This can happen due to wear and tear and when your pool liner has reached the end of its lifespan. Should this happen, all you have to do is replace your damaged pool liner.

On the other hand, if you have just recently installed a new liner and it was accidentally punctured or ripped, you can opt to patch it. There are patch kits available from many Myrtle Beach above ground pools manufacturers that you can buy at an affordable price. These kits are easy to manage and operate. This will be extremely convenient and cost-effective for you especially if the rip or crack is not that big.

You might want to immediately patch a leaking liner as soon as you notice it to ensure the crack or split will not get bigger, which will prompt you to have a new liner installed. It is important to act quickly because chlorinated water is more corrosive. If the leak continues and chlorinated water builds up behind your liner, it can easily rust your pool framing and cause more severe and costly damage to your above ground swimming pool.

If you are having difficulties finding the exact location of the leak, seek professional assistance. Elko Spas Billiards & Pools can help you easily find and fix leaks in your Myrtle Beach above ground pools.

Pool liners help protect your above ground pools. It is important to ensure proper installation and handling of your pool liners to effectively maintain and take care of your above ground swimming pools.

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