Billiard Supplies Myrtle BeachIf you are a regular player of the sport, there are several billiard supplies that you must invest in. Aside from your billiard table, stick and balls, there are other accessories and supplies that you should purchase to ensure a high quality game. Although there is a wide range of pool and billiard accessories available in the market today, you do not necessarily have to get each one of them. There are only a few ones that you really need.

1. Cue cases – This is needed if you often travel with your cue or billiard stick. There are players that must play with their own billiard sticks and they tend to bring their sticks anywhere they go. Other players, on the other hand, prefer to bring their own equipment when playing at another location. If you are this type of player, investing in a high quality cue case will benefit you. Elko Spas Billiards & Pools recommends purchasing a hard or box case for more protection for your billiard sticks.

2. Billiard stick cleaners – One thing you should note is that the more you use your billiard sticks, the more easily they become dirty. Thus, you need something on hand to help you clean them quickly, remove the dirt and make them shiny again. There are lots of things that can help you clean your billiard stick quickly and easily. One of the more common ones is disposable towels or wipes. Keep a pack in your game room so you can easily reach for one whenever you see your stick getting dirty.

Note that wipes and disposable towels are primarily meant for a quick clean of your dirty billiard sticks. For a deeper clean, you may want to invest in burnishing papers. These are available in many local billiard supplies store in Myrtle Beach and come in various micro-grit film grades to provide you with different levels of cleaning for your billiard sticks.

3. Scuffers and shapers – These two are the most common and essential supplies and accessories that every billiard player needs. The primary purpose of scuffers and shapers is to rough up and shape the tip of your billiard stick. This will result to increasing its ability to retain chalk, which will prevent the player from miscuing. Thus, if you want a perfect shot every time you use your billiard stick, you might want to bring a scuffer or shaper with you every time you play a game.

4. Pool glove – This particular billiard accessory is designed to help you improve your billiard skills and make the perfect shots by making it easy for the billiard stick to slide between your fingers. Additionally, pool gloves protect your hand from getting blisters. This is a great investment especially if you or anyone in the family suffers from skin allergies.

5. Additional billiard stick – If you are frequently playing billiards, you will need to have an additional billiard stick, which you will use for breaking. Keep in mind that you will need a different billiard stick for breaking and you should purchase a billiard stick that has a harder tip and stronger ferrules. Using this type of billiard stick will help protect your billiard or shooting stick from getting damaged as a result of breaking. Remember to seek professional assistance from billiard supplies stores for the best and most appropriate stick that you can use for breaking.

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