Myrtle Beach BilliardsThe term used to describe the sport as a whole, has been billiards. It’s a name that most of us know and is still used generically for all games played with a cue stick and balls on a pool table. But the usage of the word has become more inclusive among competition players in certain geographic areas and groups. Take the United Kingdom for instance—there the word billiards is used specifically for English Billiards, yet in the USA, it might only be used to refer to carom games or even to eight-ball by a minority (For many players, this is the only cue game they know of).

Presently, the two can be inter-changed to have the same meaning. It’s assumed that if people refer to one, then they are also speaking of the other one. There are some technical differences, however. In billiards, smaller balls are used and there are only three balls-yellow, red, and white. The yellow or white ball can be the striker balls. You can think of it as a pool game without pockets on the table. On standard billiards tables, the cloth makes the balls much faster. In three cushion billiards, the object of the game is to strike the object ball, go three rails, strike the other ball, or you could go three rails and aim to strike both of the object balls with the carom, which is also known as a cue ball.

Many of us have a general idea of pool games and pool tables. Some may know about the variations in pool, like eight-ball, nine-ball or cut throat. Most of us know that there are six pockets on a pool table. Most of us are also familiar with the classic game played with 7 striped balls and 7 solid color balls. When you combine the two sets and make it one complete set by adding the black eight-ball, you have a standard pool ball set and this set can be broken in many variations to form other versions of the game.

Both games are typically lumped into one term and called cue sports. So if we hear a person talking about how he’s going out to play some billiards, we can assume what they are referring to. It really comes down to the style of the game you like. Because billiards is technically a form of the game of pool, unless you’re really playing by billiard rules, it’s safe to just refer to it as pool. Who knew? Well, now you do!

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