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What Is The Proper Playing Surface For Pool Tables?

Pool TablesWhen shopping for pool tables, among the questions that you need to ask should be to know what type of playing surface it has. According to the Billiard Congress of America Equipment Specifications, the most appropriate playing surface should be able to maintain flatness and should not deflect too much. The bed should have a billiard fabric covering made of wool to avoid unnecessary rolling off of the balls. They recommend three pieces of slate that is at least 1 inch thick for tournament sized tables and one-piece slate for home tables.

What is a slate in pool tables?

A slate is a morphed sedimentary rock similar to shale. Because of this, it is often called a metamorphic rock. Its original form as a sedimentary rock morphs into a slate when heat and pressure is gradually applied. The morphing process is a slow one to ensure the right change is made.

Because of the morphing process, the slate now has low water absorption index and, thus, is now resistant to damage from frosting. This is why slates are also used to make tombstones, roof tiles, chalkboards, and pool table playing surface.

There is a wide range of slate resources as it is mined in many cities including Wales, France, Virginia, Vermont, and New York.

What makes slate an exceptional playing surface for pool tables?

According to experts, aside from being highly resistant to frost damage, slate is considered the best choice for a pool table playing surface because of its stability.

You can cut slate into thin sheets or turn it into grains, making it an ideal and affordable choice for a high precision playing surface. Another surface to consider is granite. It has the same qualities, plus more but it is greatly expensive as compared to slate. The primary reason for this is because granite is hard and difficult to cut. Hence, it is expensive to cut and finish unlike slate.

It is important that you know every part of your billiard table. Inquire about each part – from where they are made and why such raw products were chosen – to ensure that you buy the right and most suitable billiard table for your needs without spending more than what you have allotted for this expense.

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Do I Need A Specialist To Repair My Billiards Table?

BilliardsThere are different ways a billiards table can be damaged especially if used frequently. It can rip easily, the table felt can wear out over time, and many other problems and issues that are inevitable as you use your pool table. Fortunately, it is easy to fix and repair these problems.

Repairing your billiards table felt

The most common damage your billiards table can obtain is torn felt. Here are the steps to repair torn felt on your pool table.

  • Cut the damaged or torn area using sharp razor blade. Experts suggest cutting in a square shape for easier fitting of the new felt. Carefully remove the damaged felt from the table.
  • Use a 200 grit sand paper to sand, smoother, and polish the area where you removed the damaged felt. Make sure you include the cut edges when sanding.
  • Cut a piece of the new felt to fit the size of the damaged felt you removed. Make sure that when you cut the new piece, it will perfectly fit the area left behind by the damaged felt. It may be difficult to get the same exact size so if you cut a larger piece, trim it very carefully so you won’t waste time, effort, and felt. Professionals suggest cutting a slightly bigger piece as you can cut the excess felt after it has been installed.
  • Use contact cement and fill the space where you will fit the new felt. Polish the cement and ensure it is evenly spread on each corner and sides.
  • Place the new piece on the area and press down steadily.
  • Smooth out the edges and carefully cut any felt that may overlap the original felt. Make sure the joint where new and old felts meet are invisible.
  • Roll a pool ball over the newly installed piece of felt several times to make sure it sticks perfectly to the table. Roll the pool ball over the joints where the new and old felt meet to ensure there are no bumps or lumps that may prevent and/or affect smooth ball running over the table.
  • Let the area dry for 24 hours before using your pool table.

If you do not have the right skills in doing this repair, you can opt to hire a specialist. You will save more money in hiring pool table repair specialists because they have the right skills and tools for the job. Plus, they can come back and redo the repair if you are not satisfied with it.

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Are Covers Extremely Important For Pool Tables?

pool tablesThere are many accessories and necessities that will need to be considered by owners of pool tables. Contrary to what many believe, these accessories are extremely important in effectively maintaining your billiard tables, ensuring a longer life span and basically taking care of this precious piece of investment.

If you are thinking of getting accessories for your billiards table, it is important that you make sure that you purchase a compatible accessory. Keep in mind that there are specific size, design, and style of accessories especially designed for certain types of billiards table. So the type of accessory you buy will actually depend on the certain type, design, and size of your table.

One of the most common accessory owners of billiards table buy is the pool table cover. Those that come with the table when you first purchased it often have lower quality. Hence, experts advise you buy a sturdier table cover suited to the specific type of billiards table you bought.

Buying covers for pool tables

There are different aspects that you will have to consider in choosing the cover that you will buy for your billiards table.

  • The cover’s material – The most common materials purchased are vinyl and leatherette.
  • The type of games played on the table
  • Your funds for the purchase – There is a wide range of differently priced covers that you can choose from. Keep in mind, though, that not all affordably priced covers are as durable and long-lasting as the expensive ones.

Benefits of using appropriate covers as protection to your pool tables

Listed below are some of the many benefits you can gain from using a table cover to protect your billiard table.

  • Helps keep an expensive pool table in excellent condition
  • Prevents accidentally staining the table and leaving a mark on the table’s surface
  • Prevents the surface from obtaining scratches, which makes it difficult and tricky to play billiards on the table
  • Protects the surface from being accidently splashed by water or juice or any type of drinks
  • Keeps wandering pets away from climbing and scratching the table’s surface
  • Protects the table from any type of abrasion
  • Allows you to place your billiards table outside without worrying about damaging it.

To find out which table cover you should buy for your billiards table, seek professional advice from the manufacturers. You can also ask your local store for additional information. Always remember that keeping informed and getting all the information about table covers will help you buy the most suitable cover for your billiards table.

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Essential Tips For First Time Buyers Of Billiards Table

BilliardsBilliards has become a popular sport and hobby for many individuals. This is why many homes and restaurants now have one or two pool tables. They don’t only serve as a form of entertainment when you are inviting some friends over, but they also serve as an attractive piece of decoration/furniture in a room, not to mention a profit-earning addition to one’s restaurant or bar.

If you are considering buying your first billiard table, here are some useful tips to make your purchase more successful.

  • Determine if you have sufficient space for a pool table. Generally, the standard size of a pool table is 9 feet. You need add several feet more on every side to ensure maximum comfort when playing the game.
  • You can opt to get the specific measurements of the table you want to buy and find out if you have a room or if there is an area in your home or restaurant that is big enough for the pool table plus the necessary adjustments to allow people to maneuver efficiently and comfortably.
  • You can also do it the other way around. Find a room where you want to place the billiards table and get its measurements. Once you have the measurements, you’ll know what size pool table to purchase and it will be easier for you to shop for the best table for your home.
  • Since this is the first time you’ll be buying a pool table, it’s best to get the highest quality available. Buying a pool table is also an investment so you need to ensure you purchase a high quality table made from high-grade materials for a long-lasting and sturdier table. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll most likely use the table more frequently after you purchased it. So it needs to be in the best condition to prevent immediate damage and wear.
  • If you’re worried about pricing, spend a lot more time looking and browsing through local shops. You can also check online for available pool tables that can be shipped to your place. Just keep in mind that the key to getting the best deal is not always purchasing the most affordable table. Take time to compare sizes, quality, and shipping rates against the price offered to you.

Buying a pool table should be a fun and exciting experience. Bring along your friends and family when shopping for the most suitable table so you’ll have a lot of second opinions and feedback!

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Making Your Pool Tables Work With Your Carpeting

Pool TablePool tables are often placed in a game room that already has carpeting. This often poses a huge problem for many homeowners as the carpet messes up the stable leveling of the floor, which is a major requirement for your billiards table to be used most efficiently. Keep in mind that a pool table needs a stable level flooring to position it properly and ensure the game will not be easily disrupted.

This is why having carpeting in your game room creates different challenges in positioning your pool tables.

One of the primary challenges you will face in positioning the billiard table is caused by the foam padding under the carpet. When carpeting is installed in your flooring, foam padding is first laid out. This prevents the carpet from being affected by moisture and other damage from the subflooring. Other parts of your home have thicker foam padding, such as your basement for maximum protection.

The padding makes it difficult for you to establish a level positioning for your table because this is soft and mushy and may take several weeks before it crushes to its final thickness. By this time, it will be easier for you to achieve a level positioning for your table.

On the other hand, when the padding has crushed to its final thickness, it will go back to it its original shape and form even when you removed the furniture that has crushed it. The dent will remain in the carpet and can be an eyesore when you decide to move the billiard table in another room or when you decide to sell the house without the table. To resolve this, your only option would be to replace your carpeting.

Do not, however, replace your carpeting before positioning the billiard table. This process is complicated as the carpet is stretched to remove wrinkles and bumps when it is first installed. Removing this will require stretching the carpet in all four directions moving away from the table, which is not easily accomplished.

Tips in positioning pool tables on a carpeted room

Here are some tips to help you position your billiard table in a carpeted room.

Avoid damaging carpet fibers and leaving marks across the floor, by placing a tarp or heavy cloth on the carpet before dragging or sliding the billiard table to the exact place where you want to place it.

Use wooden shims to help level the table. Note that you will have to make several adjustments before the table is level.

Place a marble in the center of the table to help confirm whether or not the table is already level. If the marble stays in place, then the table is level. If it rolls to a side of the table, adjust the wooden shims to help level the table.

Regularly test the level of your billiard table using the marble until the carpet padding crushes to its final thickness. Keep in mind that the table’s level will continuously change until then. Regularly testing its level and adjusting the wooden shims will help ensure a quality play every time you use your table.

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