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The Importance of Changing the Cloth On Your Pool Table

pool tables The Importance of Changing the Cloth On Your Pool TableA key aspect of maintaining your pool table is learning when to change its cloth cover. Although your billiard tables are made from slate, which is a highly durable material that can last for more than a decade, do not forget that pool table covers wear over time, especially when it is being used frequently. The cloth covers of billiard tables do not last as long as the slate so it would be helpful to know when you need to replace your cloth cover to ensure it won’t cause problems or damage to other parts of the table.

What are the primary causes of damage to your pool table’s cloth covers?

The covers of your billiard tables become worn out after some time of excessive use. When the table is being used often and for longer periods of time, friction from the ball can cause the cloth cover to wear out. Aside from this, the chalk collected from the pool balls serve as an abrasive that tears away the fibers on the cloth cover. Pool balls that often fall or bounce on the table can also cause damage on the cover.

These are, however, natural occurrences when playing pool and using the table. So there really is very little information in preventing or limiting these occurrences, unless you won’t actually use your billiard tables. You can opt to use your billiard tables more carefully, but keep in mind that changing the cloth cover is inevitable. You will have to allocate time and money for this to ensure a longer lifespan for your billiard table.

How to know when it’s time to change your pool tables cloth?

You will know when it’s time to change your cloth covering when you notice signs of fraying and damage on the felt. On the other hand, when these visual signs appear, it usually means you won’t be able to use the billiard table effectively and efficiently.

If you want to be able to change the cloth covering before the damage renders the billiard table useless, you will have to glide your fingers along the surface of the covering. Look for the following signs when sliding along the cloth covering. These indicate that you need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

  • If the cloth covering feels bristly
  • If it’s easy to remove fuzz and lint from the cloth cover
  • If the felt moves or bunches when you put pressure while sliding your hand over it

Other signs that may also indicate replacing your cloth covering include scratches on the table from missed shots and small holes in the cloth. These, however, can be repaired without having to purchase new cloth cover.

Scratches due to missed shots can be cleaned using a pool table cleaner. These cleaners will help you remove the scratch marks, making your billiard table looking new. If you notice small holes on the cloth cover, you can opt to patch them using billiard tables patch kits that are available in most pool shops. If the hole is bigger and would likely to leave a bulging seam after being patched, you might want to consider replacing the entire cloth cover as the seam will prevent continuous play.

Additional tips to care for your cloth covers

Most professionals will recommend keeping your billiard tables covered when not in use and keeping it clean at all times. Also, it helps if people who use the table refrain from frequently making jump shots, trick shots, and other shots that may likely damage and crush the felt. Keep in mind that the felt covering doesn’t always fully recover from these damages.

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Yes, Pool Tables ARE Great Investments!

Pool Table Yes, Pool Tables ARE Great Investments!When thinking of investments, pool tables are probably the last on your list of potential purchases. The average individual would opt to put their money on real estate or cars. Very few, if there are any, would think about buying a billiards table, most of which don’t even realize that they’re buying a truly worthy investment.

Aside from being a popular game, there are many other benefits that people get from buying a billiards table; thus, resulting in a constant number of purchases every year. It has effectively surpassed the success of other tabletop games – including hockey, football, and ping-pong – with regards to sales records and popularity.

What makes pool tables a great investment?

We all know that a billiard table supports the play of various games. It also serves as a fun hobby to help pass the time. If you are one of those people who likes sports, this may indeed be a good form of investment for you. How about those other people who are not into sports?

Other than serving the purpose of playing pool and other similar games, a billiard table provides other benefits as well from an investor’s point of view.

  • Form of entertainment for the whole family and guests

Like the swimming pool, a billiard table can serve as a great form of entertainment for the entire family. It can also serve as an entertainment for parties or get-togethers. Friends can come over to talk, hang out and play billiards if you have a pool table. It can be a great attraction to your home, impressing your friends, guests, boss, and potential and current clients.

  • Focal point in décor

Interior designers have often used pool tables as the focal point of décor in a room. Many homeowners have agreed, especially at how much it can transform a boring room into an exciting one. According to professional designers, billiard tables can make a room look more sophisticated and elegant. In fact, if they are asked to choose which: among a billiard table, a fireplace, or indoor water fountain they would use for decoration, they would go for the billiard tables. Their clients often approve of this because it is quite easy to maintain.

  • Additional value to your home

A pool table can add value to your home just like your other furniture and equipment. Should you plan to get a mortgage or resell you home, having the billiard table will surely increase the resale value. Plus, you don’t have to spend a ton of money for its installation, maintenance, and upkeep. The only money you need to put in this investment is the cost of the purchase and delivery. If you know how to properly take care of your billiard table, you won’t have to worry about its maintenance.

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Helpful Guide In Buying A Hot Tub

Hot Tub 300x176 Helpful Guide In Buying A Hot TubA hot tub is such a fine addition to your bathroom, sunroom, or backyard. There are various reasons why people choose to get them. These reasons include: adding beauty to the bathroom, soothing muscles and joints, and helping to relax the body and mind.

Many reports have been published identifying the health effects of using hot tubs. They have been proven numerous times to help improve circulation and sleeping habits. They also serve as a great form of entertainment for household members.

All these reasons make the purchase of hot tubs a truly benefiting investment. On the other hand, the process of buying is not an easy one as there are many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from, not to mention the wide range of features available in a single tub.

To help you easily buy a hot tub, here is a helpful guide:

  • Determine where you want to place the tub. You can place it outside on your patio or deck, like what most American homeowners prefer. Alternatively, you can also opt to put inside the house, particularly in the master bedroom. You may also choose to put it in an enclosed sun room or the basement.Be sure you choose an area where a tub will comfortably fit. There should also be sufficient room for the people who will be using the tub to move about freely. If you want to install steps to help with getting in and out, you’ll also have to ensure sufficient space for this.If you choose to place the tub inside your home, make sure the room where you’ll put the tub has an appropriate ventilation system to accommodate the steam from the tub. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself resolving mold and mildew problems in the future.

    There should also be a nearby electrical outlet for your tub. This is especially true if you want an outdoor spa. Work with your electrician to create an electrical plug outside to be used for your tub. Oftentimes, you’ll need a 220v electrical plug; however, this varies from each tub. Check with the manufacturer to ensure you prepare the right type of electrical outlet.

  • Do not focus solely on the price of the tub. There are many other things to consider when choosing the right spa for you and your family. This is indeed a big investment so you should check out all available options before making a decision.
  • It helps to think about your primary reason for purchasing. Why do you want to buy a tub? How will you use it? What purpose will it serve for you and your family? Couple this information with the kind of lifestyle you live and it will be easier and faster for you to pick out the tubs you want.
  • If you want to maximize the benefits of having a spa, you can opt to purchase appropriate accessories and add-ons like pillows, massage chairs, lighting, steps, and stereos.
  • When shopping for a tub, ask the dealer if you can test the spa before paying for it. This is most often allowed in showroom tubs. Dealers usually allow potential clients to try out the tubs in their showroom to help them decide whether or not a tub is for them. When testing out a hot tub, make sure you feel comfortable in it and that it has the right size for your needs.Also consider how much or little noise it makes from the jets. Another aspect to consider is how simple you can use the controls and adjust the settings.
  • Find out the monthly costs, including maintenance and upkeep of the tub you are considered buying.
  • Ask whether they offer financing options to make it easier for you to pay for the tub. Keep in mind, however, that direct financing has higher interest rates than banks. This is why most buyers opt to finance the tub through their local bank. Others, however, choose to buy using low-interest credit card or pay by check or cash.


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How Pool Chemicals Fine Tune Your Swimming Pool

Pool Chemicals 300x199 How Pool Chemicals Fine Tune Your Swimming PoolPool chemicals play a critical role in your swimming pool maintenance. The chemicals work with the pool’s filter system which works to distribute and circulate the chemicals throughout the swimming pool. It is important and extremely useful if you have the right chemicals on hand as well as the necessary tools that you can use to measure their level in the pool water.

Why do you need to keep pool chemicals in the right balance
Aside from the general and obvious reasons for keeping the pool water clean and sanitized, here are other more specific reasons on why it is extremely important that you know how to manage your pool’s chemical balance.

  • To treat the pool water and drive away dangerous bacteria and other disease-carrying microorganisms. These may already be present in the water that you use to fill your pool or they may come from the skin of the people who use the pool. Where ever they come from, don’t make it easy for them to thrive and develop in your pool water by leaving it untreated or chemically unbalanced.
  • To protect other parts and aspect of your swimming pool. Untreated or chemically unbalanced pool water may damage other parts of your swimming pool. Too much chlorine may cause problems to your filter and other equipment that you use for your swimming pool.
  • To prevent skin and eye irritation. A chemically unbalanced swimming pool may irritate the skin and eyes of those who will use the swimming pool especially for long periods of time.

Managing Pool Chemicals
The primary and most important role of these chemicals is to treat your swimming pool water and prevent the buildup of algae, bacteria and other disease-carrying microorganisms. Hence, the most important of these chemicals are the disinfectants, chlorine and bromide. Other chemicals that you add in your pool serve to complement the effects of chlorine and keep the pool water in the right pH level.

Chlorine serves its purpose as a disinfectant by reacting with the pool water and forming other chemicals which would actually kill the bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool. These chemical by-products include Hypochlorous acid which destroys the bacteria from the inside out as a result of an oxidation process.

Chlorine can be added to the pool water in liquid, powder, tablet, and even gas form; although, only professionals are allowed to handle the gas form. Although there is no specific part of the cycle that you need to add chlorine to the pool water, professional pool technicians suggest it is best to add the disinfectant after the filtering process. It is also highly suggested that you use chemical feeders in adding chlorine to ensure the chemical is equally spread out in the pool. However, directly adding chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket may not arrive at the same results. In fact, it may result in having too much chlorine in specific areas of the pool.

An important thing to remember in handling chemicals is that some of them are not stable, such as the hypochlorous acid which is the bi-product of chlorine after reacting with your pool water. Aside from having the ability to combine with other chemicals and form new possibly dangerous compounds, hypochlorous acid can react with the ultraviolet light from the sun and degrade.

You can opt to use a stabilizing agent along with chlorine. A common stabilizing agent is cyanuric acid which forms a more stable compound that doesn’t change when exposed to ultraviolet light. Some chlorine bi-products like hypochlorous acid may still combine with other chemicals and form other compounds even with the presence of a stabilizing agent. The compounds produced may not only be ineffective sanitizers but may also be dangerous to the skin and eyes.

If you notice a change in smell and color of your pool water after adding certain chemicals, call your pool technician immediately and refrain from using the pool. If the technician found your pool to have extremely unbalanced chemicals, the only solution is shock the pool by adding a strong dose of chemicals. This will remove any organic compound that was formed and all other useless and harmful chemical compounds.

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How To Protect Using Pool Chemicals Without Spending A Lot

Pool Chemicals1 200x300 How To Protect Using Pool Chemicals Without Spending A Lotc

According to recent reports, one of the chemicals that the body absorbs from swimming pools is chlorine. Absorbing chlorine may result in making your eyes red, drying your skin and making it itchy, and turning your hair color green. Aside from this, chlorine can create byproducts that are more serious and dangerous than chlorine when it reacts with skin, hair, and other organic matter left in the swimming pool.

What you can get from too much exposure to swimming pool chemicals

Some of the health problems that you can get when using a pool with unbalanced levels of chemicals for long periods of time include the following:

  • Altering of hormones in boys – Recent reports have revealed that boys who use a chemically-unbalanced pool for more than 30 minutes are likely to get altered hormones, which may result in various health problems.
  • Asthma – Studies have proven that using swimming pools with high levels of chlorine increases the risk of developing asthma in kids.
  • Respiratory diseases – Another study showed evidence that pool workers handling too much chlorine are 40% more likely to develop respiratory diseases.
  • Intestinal problems – Chlorine that is absorbed by the body and is accidentally drunk while swimming may cause harmful damage to the good bacteria in the digestive tract. This can result to a wide range of stomach problems and disorders.

So how can you prevent these from happening? Here are some useful tips to help you protect yourself and your family against the harmful effects of an improper balance of pool chemicals.

  • Refrain from using indoor swimming pools. Chlorine in these types of pools are likely to move and stay just above the water as it has nowhere to vent. This makes chlorine much easier to be absorbed and taken into the body.
  • Follow the signs that say you have to rinse yourself with water before entering the swimming pool. Most people believe that this sign is for those who are dirty and that the purpose of this is to limit the waste getting in to the pool. On the other hand, this sign is also necessary for drenching and saturating yourself with clean water before going into a heavily chlorinated pool. Keep in mind that our bodies are like sponges. When it has absorbed enough clean water, there will not be any room left for the chlorine.
  • Apply a healthy amount of coconut oil on your hair and skin to add an extra layer of protection from harmful chemicals. The skin already has a layer of protection called the acid mantle but it is relatively thin and is easily stripped away when using soap or swimming in a chlorinated pool.
  • Spray yourself with vitamin C dissolved in water before jumping into the pool. It has been found that vitamin C actually neutralizes chlorine.

These chemicals are an important aspect of every swimming pool to ensure a longer life span and that the water will remain at the right level. So be sure you know how to handle and manage these chemicals.

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