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How To Protect Using Pool Chemicals Without Spending A Lot

Pool Chemicalsc

According to recent reports, one of the chemicals that the body absorbs from swimming pools is chlorine. Absorbing chlorine may result in making your eyes red, drying your skin and making it itchy, and turning your hair color green. Aside from this, chlorine can create byproducts that are more serious and dangerous than chlorine when it reacts with skin, hair, and other organic matter left in the swimming pool.

What you can get from too much exposure to swimming pool chemicals

Some of the health problems that you can get when using a pool with unbalanced levels of chemicals for long periods of time include the following:

  • Altering of hormones in boys – Recent reports have revealed that boys who use a chemically-unbalanced pool for more than 30 minutes are likely to get altered hormones, which may result in various health problems.
  • Asthma – Studies have proven that using swimming pools with high levels of chlorine increases the risk of developing asthma in kids.
  • Respiratory diseases – Another study showed evidence that pool workers handling too much chlorine are 40% more likely to develop respiratory diseases.
  • Intestinal problems – Chlorine that is absorbed by the body and is accidentally drunk while swimming may cause harmful damage to the good bacteria in the digestive tract. This can result to a wide range of stomach problems and disorders.

So how can you prevent these from happening? Here are some useful tips to help you protect yourself and your family against the harmful effects of an improper balance of pool chemicals.

  • Refrain from using indoor swimming pools. Chlorine in these types of pools are likely to move and stay just above the water as it has nowhere to vent. This makes chlorine much easier to be absorbed and taken into the body.
  • Follow the signs that say you have to rinse yourself with water before entering the swimming pool. Most people believe that this sign is for those who are dirty and that the purpose of this is to limit the waste getting in to the pool. On the other hand, this sign is also necessary for drenching and saturating yourself with clean water before going into a heavily chlorinated pool. Keep in mind that our bodies are like sponges. When it has absorbed enough clean water, there will not be any room left for the chlorine.
  • Apply a healthy amount of coconut oil on your hair and skin to add an extra layer of protection from harmful chemicals. The skin already has a layer of protection called the acid mantle but it is relatively thin and is easily stripped away when using soap or swimming in a chlorinated pool.
  • Spray yourself with vitamin C dissolved in water before jumping into the pool. It has been found that vitamin C actually neutralizes chlorine.

These chemicals are an important aspect of every swimming pool to ensure a longer life span and that the water will remain at the right level. So be sure you know how to handle and manage these chemicals.

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Your Quick And Easy Guide To Leveling Your Pool Table

pool tableOne of the most important and critical characteristics of a pool table is that it should always be in the right level. If your billiard table is not level, the balls will not roll evenly across the table and may affect how people play a game on your table. Keep in mind that one of the keys to an accurate billiard shot is a level table. This is why you need to always ensure your table is level.

Determining whether your table is level or not and adjusting it to the right level doesn’t require any special tools or skills. This can be easily done in just a few seconds and with basic items that can be found in a home improvement or hardware store – if you don’t already have them in your home.

Here are some tips to help you determine whether or not your pool table is level:

  • Use a carpenter’s level to test whether the table is in the right level and balance. For best results, set the carpenter’s level on all four sides of the table. This will help you identify which leg is not in the right height, making your table uneven.
  • Before doing anything to adjust the level of your billiards table, you might want to consult your owner’s manual to get to know your table better. It is important that you know what kind of pool table you have – whether it has metal plates or adjustable plates – as this will help you in getting it back to the right level.
  • If your pool table uses metal plates for its legs, you simply have to add metal plates to the legs that are not in the right level. Be sure to follow your owner’s manual when adding or removing metal plates.
  • If your billiard table has adjustable legs, there will most likely be screws and pins to hold the legs in their current level. Take those screws and pins out so that you can move the legs up or down to find the right level.
  • If your table doesn’t use metal plates or adjustable legs, you can still set it to the right level by using shims. You should add as many shims as you need to the legs that are not in the right level.
  • To easily test the level of your table after some adjustments, simply roll a ball from one section of the table. If the ball rolls to a particular side of the table, you may need to make more adjustments.
  • Another way to check whether or not you have set the table to the right level is by using a piece of glass and a marble. Place the piece of glass on the center of the table and put the marble on top of the glass. If the marble falls off of the glass to a particular side of the table, then that means you would need to add more height to that particular leg. For best and more accurate results, place the glass and marble on each side of the table.

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The Ultimate Guide In Buying Billiards Table

BilliardsThe reason you ended up in this article is probably because you are considering buying a billiards pool table. The first thing you need to know is that this venture takes careful planning and preparations. You are on the right track by looking up tips and guides, so congratulations!

The second thing you need to remember is that it is not like an ordinary purchase, which you can easily bring back for replacement in case you bought the wrong size, color, style, or dimension. This kind of investment can be stressful especially for someone without sufficient knowledge and experience.

With that said, here are things you need to consider to help you easily purchase a billiards table:

  • Know what you want to buy.

Before you even start looking and considering pool tables, you should first find out and decide what you want to buy. You can easily do this by browsing through the internet the various types, sizes, and designs of pool tables available. Make a list of the features that you want in your table, the dimensions, and design.

Creating this list will help you not only save time, money, and effort in shopping for pool tables, but it will also help you keep focused on what you are buying. If you have not listed what you are looking for in a pool table, it will be easy for you to get distracted of the various options made available to you when you visit a local shop. When you continue to get distracted, you will end up exhausting all your energy looking around and not finding what you want. As a result, you spend your time and effort in shopping around but are not able to purchase anything.

  • Space and location.

Even if you have not yet purchased a billiards table, it will be very helpful if you decide where in your house you want to place the table. Choose an area that has lots of floor space, allowing for sufficient room for people to move around the table when playing. It is also advised that you place the table in an area that is easy to get to. Do not forget that you will also have to allocate floor space for the tools, balls, pool sticks, and pool cues.

  • Set a budget limit.

Like with any other type of purchase, it is important to set a budget limit. This will help you keep organized when considering your options. Once you have a specific picture of the pool table that you want to buy, you can easily go through each store to find that table. Having a budget limit will help you decide which store to buy from.

Always consider the quality of each product when comparing prices. Sometimes, a cheaper product may not always have the same quality that a more expensive product offers.

  • Read product reviews and store feedback.

This is especially important for first time buyers of pool tables. Not only will the reviews help you decide on what specific type, style and design of table to buy; but it will also help you learn about what other people are saying about the product and the store. Hence, it will help you make the best pool table purchase.

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The Only Guide You Will Need When Buying Pool Tables

pool tableThere are a lot of factors to consider when buying pool tables. You could easily get lost on all the various features and benefits of the different types and brands. Whether you are a first time buyer, upgrading, or replacing your worn out table, you need all the help that you can get in order to have a streamlined process in choosing the most suitable table for you and your needs.

Here are the basic factors you will need to primarily consider when buying a pool table. You can also look into other aspects and features; just be sure to include these most important ones.

  • Table size

There are different sizes available in the market today. The most common ones are 7’, 8’, and 9’. Choose the size depending on where you will place the table, the purpose of the pool table, and your level at playing the sport. Some buyers who will place their table in the office opt for the larger sizes. Those who are beginners in the sport and those buying a table for just for practice,often get the largest available size.

  • Slate

The slate is the play surface under the billiard table. You will need to consider this factor primarily because this is what helps the balls to move freely and without any hindrances. The best and most affordable type of slate, which most buyers choose, is the slatron. Despite this, some people opt not to include a slate when buying pool tables. The primary reason for this is that slates add weight to the pool table. Those buyers who don’t have a fixed place for their billiard tables tend to go for the non-slate types.

  • Cloth

Most billiard tables use nylon cloths as these allow the balls to slide over more easily. Buyers can choose from pure r synthetic nylon. They both have the same features and benefits, so it really doesn’t matter much which one you go for.

  • Rails

There is a wide range of rails to choose from, but most people choose the solid wood range as this shows the best performance especially in keeping the table in shape for a much longer period of time. Other types of rails that you can consider are compressed wood and MDF rails. Keep in mind that when choosing rails, you must opt for the wider ones as these provide you with sufficient space when making a shot.

  • Pockets

To be able to decide on the type of pockets for your billiard table, you need to establish first where you want to place the table. If you are going to place it inside your house, the best option would be the drop pockets. Those who will use the table for commercial purposes go for the pockets with a ball return feature. If you want a more professional look, however, you can opt for the enclosed drop pockets.

  • Installation

Before paying for the table you have chosen, clarify how it will be installed and delivered. Some tables are not installed prior to delivery so you will have to set it up by yourself or hire someone to install it for you. On the other hand, there are sellers who also provide installation and delivery services, although these may be additional costs to your purchase. Do not forget to inquire about these and clarify the added costs so you can include them in your budget.

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Taking Care Of Your Hot Tub

hot tub Myrtle BeachIt’s a dream for most of us to own a hot tub. Today’s models and prices make that dream a reality more than ever before. If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a hot tub, then you’ll surely want to know how to take care of it and maintain it properly so that you get many years of warm, satisfying soaks! Here are some tips you should follow to keep your hot tub in good working order.

The Basics Of Hot Tub Care

Chlorine levels: We cannot say enough how critical this step is! You need to check the chlorine levels often and make sure they are always at the right balance in order to keep the water safe. This also goes for Bromine and any other sanitizing agent. Purchase a testing kit from your local pool dealer.

Use the economy mode—it saves money! You can save money on your energy bills by keeping the water’s temperature a bit lower than called for, especially if you’re not using it. When you want to take a soak, turn the temperature up around 104 degrees and enjoy!

pH levels need to be regularly checked. A couple of times a week will suffice. If the pH levels are off, it can cause eyes to become irritated and the water to be cloudy.

Change the water in your hot tub when necessary. A general rule of thumb is 3-4 times a year. You may choose to change it more often depending on how frequently you use it.

Get a good hot tub cover! This is so important to keeping the tub protected. It also traps the heat from the water, which will take stress of the motor that heats the water. Ask your dealer about covers made specifically for your type of tub.

Invest in good quality chemicals. Again, this is crucial because you want to know your water is safe and healthy at all times. There are certain areas that you don’t want to buy generic or cheap brands—hot tub and pool chemicals is one of those areas!

These are the basics of good maintenance and care. Follow these tips and you will enjoy years of pleasure in your Myrtle Beach hot tub! As always, seek the advice of the pros and make sure you understand how to properly administer tests to check the water and chemical levels. For more information, please call us today at Elko Pools!

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