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DIY Guide For Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool Myrtle BeachIt’s autumn and for homeowners who have a swimming pool, that means it’s time to start winterizing preparations. Closing your pool for the winter isn’t difficult and can be done yourself. The main reasons you need to close your pool for the winter are: keeping the water clean in order to save time and money opening it back up in spring, and also to shelter the equipment from harsh winter weather. Ice and frost can cause damage to your pool’s equipment, so it’s important to make sure it’s protected during the winter months. The last thing you want when you open up your swimming pool again is to find pipes leaking and cracks to your filters, etc.

A few tips for closing your swimming pool on your own….

You can certainly do the job of winterizing the pool yourself. The first thing you should be certain of is that you have properly balanced the water’s alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH levels. This is important so that the surface of your pool does not crack, etch or stain. Purchase a kit specially made for winterizing the pool water, and it will be nice and clear when you open it back up.

Lower the water levels slightly. This keeps it below the filter and stops the pumps from working to clean the water while it’s not being used. Pull the plug at the bottom of the filter to drain the water out of it. Be sure to remember to open the air valve. You should also drain your pump, let it run for a few seconds at the end to ensure that all the water is out. Also, be sure to take away any chemicals you have in the feeder so the equipment is not damaged from them.

The last thing to do is to make certain that your swimming pool is properly covered for the winter. If you have used a summer pool cover, then you will need to clean it well with a pressure washer and get it ready for storage. Take the winter cover out and install it over the water surface of the pool to keep it clean and free from any falling leaves or other debris. If you have children or pets, it’s crucial that you get a winter safety cover that has proper supports. This will prevent anyone from falling into the water and drowning. A regular pool cover will NOT have these safety mechanisms, so please get the proper cover for your swimming pool!


For more tips and help for winterizing your pool, call us today at Elko. We’ve got everything you need and can even come do it for you!

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Antique Pool Tables 101

pool tables, pool tables Myrtle BeachWhen it comes to good craftsmanship, we all know that things made in yesteryear were generally made better. Today’s products seem to be so mass-produced that skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail are no longer the norm. It’s no different when it comes to pool tables! If you compare pool tables made today with ones made in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the fabric and wood on the antique ones is far superior. Craftsmanship of the art deco period was especially top notch.


Some Facts About Antique Pool Tables

Pool tables that are antiques generally can be found in 8, 9, and 10-foot sizes. Satinwood is quite commonly used in them, along with the bed having 3 pieces of heavy slate. They usually have six legs and a high quality wood used for the covering. As many as 7 types of wood can be used on the older models.

Antique tables also usually have a hidden drawer underneath the table surface that can hold and store the cue sticks and balls. There are some stunning tables with designs from the Victorian era carved into a light oak wood finish. They are truly a masterpiece! The really exquisite tables can even be found with diamonds and ivory embedded in the rails.

Prices will vary depending on whom you buy from, but for the really extravagant tables, you can pay several thousand dollars. It all depends on the features and quality of the table, as well as the age.

Do your homework and make sure you avoid fake dealers! Pool tables can have lots of design and molding work that can trick you into thinking it’s an antique, but if you know about the types of wood used in antique tables, you can inspect underneath the table and look for that. You should also search for the company name or signature of the craftsman that would give a true portrayal of the age of the pool table. Since today’s tables are no longer made with ivory or diamonds, which would also be a huge clue.

Lastly, take the price into consideration. If it’s too low, it most likely isn’t a true antique. Many antique pool tables have been restored, and therefore have newer parts in some places. If you’re looking for a true antique pool table, then you should try to find one that has had very little, if any, restorative work done.

An antique pool table is a work of art and would be a gorgeous addition to any room! If you want more information on owning or caring for a pool table, call us at Elko. We have a full line of billiard and pool supplies as well.

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How To Care For Your Pool Cues

pool cue, Myrtle Beach pool cueIf you play pool, then you know about pool cues and how important they are to the game. Think of them like any other important tool you might have—they need to be cared for properly to ensure they perform perfectly for as long as possible. Just like you’d never leave tools made of metal out in the elements to get rained on, you shouldn’t do it with pool cues either. Another damaging factor with good pool cues is direct sunlight or being in a very cold or hot car. Cue sticks should never be left in sunlight.

A Little Lesson About Pool Cues

Cue sticks are usually constructed from wood that has been laminated. Because of this, they can easily get warped and delaminate if not cared for. Humidity can also cause them to contract or expand, so that’s why it’s a good idea to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment all the time. There are metal parts in the rings or joints of the cue stick that can come apart and separate if the cue is in different extreme temperature changes. It’s for this reason that you should also never store pool cues in a cellar or attic.

There are wall racks that you can mount to store your cues and those are a great way to go. If you like to go out to other places to play pool, then you should get a good quality cue case. Failing to do this will definitely create damage to the cue stick over time. Soft cases don’t protect quite like they should, so we prefer using hard cases that have padding on the inside. Keep in mind that while it’s fine to use a wall rack to store the cues, you should not ever leave them stored by leaning them against the wall or other surface. This will warp the cue—you can count on that.

Caring For Your Pool Cue


  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the shaft.
  • Once your pool cue is cleaned, take a little furniture polish spray and polish the cue. This will protect the wood.
  • Invest in a good joint protector.
  • Get a tip tool to keep the end roughed up and this will keep it able to hold the chalk properly.
  • Use a damp towel dipped in soapy water and clean off the cue. Dry it with a dry cloth. This will keep the oils and other build-up from damaging the cue.

Caring for your pool cues is not hard if you follow these tips. Remember to keep liquids away from them and store them either on the wall or in a case. Never lean them against the wall. Take care of your cue sticks and they will serve you well for thousands of games to come! Call us here at Elko for more tips and anything you may need for your poolroom. We have it all!

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Buying The Right Myrtle Beach Hot Tub

Myrtle Beach hot tubHot tubs and spas spell one thing for most of us: luxury. While they are luxurious and enjoyable, they don’t have to be unattainable. It’s easier than you think to own your own Myrtle Beach hot tub!

When it comes to major investments, you have to weigh the benefit of the item to the potential cost. With hot tubs, you will no doubt enjoy it often, if not daily. It may be for physical therapy benefits, relieving muscles soreness and tension, or just for relaxation after a hard day. Whatever the case, you might be surprised at how quickly a hot tub or spa will pay for itself!

What To Consider When Choosing A Hot Tub

Reviews. It’s important to see what others are saying about the hot tub you are considering. Get online and read the reviews people have posted. Keep in mind, these are just opinions and may not predict your own experience. Take a good look at the features of each model and ask for help in deciding which of these features are most important for you. Good sales people will walk you through that process.

Compare prices. Of course, you will want to have several price points to look at, but remember that the most expensive isn’t always the best quality and the cheaper models don’t mean they are junk. Find a price point that works for your budget and then try to get the most bang for your buck with the features.

Hot tubs, like pools, can be above ground or in ground. There are benefits to both. They can also be indoors or outdoors. Perhaps you have a deck that will be perfect for your new hot tub. Or maybe you have just the right corner in a master bedroom to enjoy those intimate moments with your spouse. If this is the case, you may want to look at the smaller 2 person models. The most popular type of spa is one that will seat up to 4 people comfortably. Think about how you want to use your Myrtle Beach hot tub—do you envision parties and entertaining? Or do you picture a sanctuary to get away and rest tired muscles? Or, you may have physical issues where a hot tub is actually prescribed by your doctor as part of your treatment plan. Whatever the case, knowing what you want from your hot tub will help you choose the right model with the right features at the right price for you.

For more information on getting the hot tub of your dreams, call us today at Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools!!

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Hot Tubs Are More Than Just Luxury

Hot Tub

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If you’re like the majority of Americans, you equate hot tubs with luxury. I mean, how many times have we been on vacation at some fabulous hotel or resort and spent hours soaking in the hot tub. Whether it’s cold weather and you’re coming off the ski slopes, or a nice evening at home, hot tubs provide so many benefits that go far beyond simple luxury. Make no mistake—it is luxurious to sit and relax in a hot tub, but have you thought about the actual benefits from doing it on a regular basis? Well, here are just a few!

Hot Tub For Your Health!

A good soak in a hot tub can be good for your health, as well as your relationships with your significant other! Who doesn’t want that, right? For centuries, public bathhouses have been part of the culture, not only for hygiene but for medicinal and therapeutic benefits as well. Doctors recommended these hot baths to cure just about anything. Fast-forward to modern day and one of our biggest health challenges is stress. It causes diseases, drives us to addictions and ruins relationship. Stress needs to be managed and part of a great stress relief routine is soaking your tired and tight muscles in a hot tub at the end of a long day! Your hot tub can mean the difference in your health.

If you’ve ever soaked in a hot tub with your partner then you know how wonderful it feels to get intimate and share those cuddles in comforting hot water. Add some jets in and it’s pleasure at its best! Why not sit and get cozy with your spouse while you talk about your day and let your worries and stress go? We could all use more of that!

If you have kids, they will also love playing in the hot tub. During the summer, you can even turn the water heater off and let the kids play in the hot tub like it were a miniature pool. They’ll love that!

Hot tubs in the winter months can be a wonderful money saver by allowing you and your family to enjoy a nightly soak and get your body temperature warmer. When you come back inside, you will not need as much heat so your furnace can run less.

While a hot tub is an initial investment financially, it does serve way more than just luxury. By taking care of your mind and body, you have less stress, saving you money on medical bills. Stress is the number one contributor to dozens of diseases. If you have arthritis, the hot tub can make a huge difference in your quality of life. If you have insomnia, it can also restore your sleep patterns. With so many benefits, why not make the investment in your own hot tub today? Call us here at Elko to get started!

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