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What You Need To Know About Your Myrtle Beach Pool Water

Myrtle Beach Pools 2 300x222 What You Need To Know About Your Myrtle Beach Pool Water

Myrtle Beach Pool

When it comes to swimming in your Myrtle Beach pool water, it is imperative to understand that your tap water does not equal your pool water! There’s much that has to be done to treat your swimming pool water in order to make it safe and healthy for you and your family. Some of the tests needed will be to check for alkalinity levels, as well as the calcium hardness. It is necessary to sequester the various minerals and metals in the water and something known as a stabilizer will need to be added to the water to ensure that the chlorine stays in and does its job. Finally, the pH balance in the water has to be checked frequently to determine how much chlorine is needed.

Treating New Water In Your Myrtle Beach Pool

One thing that is often forgotten is that you must treat any new pool water that gets added. This means if the pool overflows, gets a lot of rainwater or if the water level gets low and more new water is added. All new water has to be treated! Failing to do this will result in the plaster being damaged or stained, equipment being damaged and also it can cause algae to grow and the water to be unsafe. Any time you have 10-12 inches of water added or replaced, new treatment should be done.

Pets In Pools

A few things about dogs in pools. First of all, yes it is ok to let your pet swim in the pool. You should understand, however, that you’ll need to pay more attention to cleaning out the filter, skimmer basket, and the chemical levels. And one very good rule to bear in mind—NEVER let your dog get in the pool right after having been in the ocean, lakes or streams. There are lots of things we don’t want in our pool water that exist in other bodies of water. Another thing to remember is not to throw your dog in the pool with soapsuds all over him after a bath. It might seem tempting to let him rinse off in the pool, but the soap contains ingredients that will cause algae to grow out of control.


You MUST clean your filters for your Myrtle Beach pool on a regular basis! Generally speaking, you get about a month or so between your cleanings for about every one hundred square feet of filter. If we translate that, it would mean that you could go three months if you had three hundred square feet of filter. Do NOT use a pressure wash on them! Unless you call a professional, just use a garden hose with a good steady

These are just a few of the tips for this informative article on treating your new Myrtle Beach pool water. Check back soon for the second part of this article. There is much to learn about pool water and how to keep it safe when you are the owner of a swimming pool, but do your homework and follow these tips and you’ll have years of wonderful summer enjoyment with your friends and family! As always, call us here at Elko for all your Myrtle Beach pool needs, as well as any service or maintenance you may need. We’re here to help!

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swimming What You Need To Know About Your Myrtle Beach Pool Water

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3 Swimming Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Myrtle Beach Pools 300x229 3 Swimming Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool

If you have always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard, you no doubt have visions of living the good life, relaxing after a long day, and taking nighttime dips to cool off. But swimming pools also come with a huge responsibility and they do require regular upkeep to ensure they stay running in good order. In this article, we’re breaking down the most common mistakes most people make with pool maintenance.

Avoid These Swimming Pool Mistakes!

Not Adding Adequate Chlorine

Balancing the chemicals in your swimming pool is super important, especially if the pool gets a lot of use. You should check your chemicals everyday, or even more often if there are many people in the pool. Keeping the filter clean and free of debris is also very important. Adding enough chlorine will prevent algae growth and of course, nobody wants to see algae in their pool! If checking chemical levels is a chore to you or you can’t do it as regularly as you should, consider buying a chlorine floater device that will automatically deliver enough chlorine to maintain the pool’s proper balance.

Not Regularly Running The Pump

This is something that should not be neglected. Lots of homeowners will try to save on energy costs by not running the pump as much as they should. Doing this doesn’t really save money in the long run, due to the fact that you will end up buying more chemicals to compensate. Not running your pump enough could also lead to issues that would require a pool technician’s services, leading to even more costs.

Keep in mind that during the summer months, the pump should be running at least 7 to 8 hours per day. If it doesn’t, that beautiful crystal water will start turning green. Also, be mindful of your dog going for a swim, as their fur can easily cause the pump to be stopped up. Check the skimmer baskets often.

Not Properly Using Dyes Or Algaecides

Myrtle Beach Swimmimg Pools 3 Swimming Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool

Dyes can be safe, but they can also have an effect on the pool’s cleaning components. Taking out the cartridge filter before you add dye can prevent problems.

Keep in mind that using algaecides will cause your chlorine levels to drop, sometimes significantly. For this reason, be sure you have plenty of chlorine on hand before you add the algaecide treatment. Failing to do this will cause your water to become green. Run your pump when adding dyes or algaecides so that the water is moving and evenly distributing the additives. Poor water circulation only leads to problems and dangerous chemical imbalances.

Having a swimming pool can be such a rewarding experience and provide many hours of fun and enjoyment for your family and friends. Keeping it maintained isn’t as hard as you might think if you keep these three things in mind. So remember:

* Check and add chlorine often.

* Keep your water circulating by running your pump.

* Be careful with dyes and algaecides.

Have a safe and happy summer and call Elko for all your swimming pool needs!

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Top Ten Questions About Myrtle Beach Pool Care

Myrtle Beach Pools 300x229 Top Ten Questions About Myrtle Beach Pool Care

Myrtle Beach Pool

We hear from people all the time about a wide range of questions concerning your Myrtle Beach pool. Here are some of the most common questions and issues, and the information you need to answer them.

The Top Ten Questions About Your Myrtle Beach Pool Care

1.   Why Is The Water Green?

Usually, the answer is found in the chlorine. Not enough chlorine will cause green or black patches in corners, near steps, etc. Your pool needs the right amount of chlorine and it also needs proper water circulation in order to run correctly. The filter should be running at least 8 hours each day during high use season, and no less than 6 hours during colder months. Low chlorine levels can be caused by not checking and adding each evening as needed, not enough time with the pump running, black algae, or the chlorinator not working. If you have a saltwater pool, low salt can also cause insufficient chlorine levels. The answer is to shock the pool water and bring the chlorine levels back to normal.

2.   Why is my pool water cloudy?

This takes us back to the first question because cloudy pool water is usually what you see when the water is getting ready to turn green. So, it would be crucial to check the chemical levels each evening and make sure you are adding the right amount. Calcium deposits from chlorine in a granular form could also contribute to cloudiness. Call us here at Elko Pools for advice on how to handle cloudy water!

3.   I think my pool might be leaking, what could be causing it?

First, make sure that it isn’t just normal amounts of evaporation. It can vary from place to place, but you can expect at least an inch or two of water to evaporate weekly. If you see that it’s much higher than this amount, call us here at Elko.

4.   How Do I Get Rid Of Algae Blackspots?

Algae grow when the chlorine levels are too low. It can attach itself to the tiles and surface of your Myrtle Beach pool if not treated. There is a special chemical to kill it when you first see it. In major cases, the pool may have to be drained in order to get rid of it.

5.   How frequently should I check my pool water chemical levels?

Pool Cleaning Professional 200x300 Top Ten Questions About Myrtle Beach Pool Care

Myrtle Beach Pool Care

ALWAYS check the chemical balance in the water after a rain event. If you have a chlorine pool, you should perform daily chemical checks and balance as needed. Saltwater pools can go every couple of weeks.

6.   What Kind Of Chlorine Should I Use?

In saltwater pools, always use a liquid chlorine because the granular form tends to leave calcium deposits, which cause cloudiness. In regular pools, there are many forms and you can use whichever is most convenient and cost-efficient for you. Ask your Myrtle Beach pool pro!

7.   Why Won’t My Pool Chlorine Levels Stay Balanced?

Most likely, the reason is due to insufficient chlorine stabilizer. Call us here at Elko Pools and Spas and we will come test to make sure it isn’t due to other issues.

8.   Why Do My Kids Get Ear Aches After Swimming?

When kids are in the water a lot, they can easily develop what’s known as “tropic ear” and it’s simply due to dampness in the ear. It is a fungus that grows in damp ears but can be very easily treated. The best prevention is teaching children to always dry their ears well after swimming.

9.   How Long Should I Let My Chlorinator And Filter Run?

The rule of thumb is: 6 hours each day for chlorine pools and about 8 hours each day for saltwater pools.

10.  Why Is My Swimming Pool Making Gurgling Sounds?

This is usually caused by low water levels. Be sure and get the air out of the filter and make sure that the water is always halfway or more above the skimmer opening.

We’ll be covering another set of frequently asked questions next time, so check our blog often! Your Myrtle Beach pool is in good hands with the experts at Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools, so don’t hesitate to call us today with any questions, or concerns. Enjoy the rest of your summer and get out and enjoy your Myrtle Beach pool!

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Getting Started With Billiard Games

fotolia 1387709 XS  Getting Started With Billiard Games

Billiard Games

If you’re looking for a fun game you can play with the whole family, then look no farther than the wonderful world of billiard games. It has a history that dates back to 15th century France and the different styles of the game area as diverse as the regions they come from. There are even several variations of the British, American, Australian, and French styles of billiards. Basically, there are several different types of billiard games and one of the more common ones is the game called Eight Ball. The divisions most often seen in the game of billiards would be Carom billiards, which has no pockets, the game of pool, which has six pockets, and Snooker, which is pretty different than both of the afore mentioned games.

All sorts of art and literature through the ages have mentioned the game of billiards. If you know your Shakespeare, then you know that it was a game for royalty. Many great philosophers and kings enjoyed the game as well. Clearly it was thought of as a very intelligent game.

The Basics Of Billiard Games

All billiard games utilize a pool table for play. However, there are many kinds of pool tables and different billiard games will require different pool tables. A standard pool table is twice the length of its width and are a rectangular shape. Pool tables can be 7, 8, or 9 feet long, and in rare cases, a ten-foot table can be found, although these are most likely antique. If you come across one in great condition or one that has been restored to its former glory, they would make any game room look fabulous! The material on top of the pool table feels and looks like felt, but it is most often a wool blend.

Billiards 300x242  Getting Started With Billiard Games

Billiard Games

Here’s something to impress your friends—did you know there is a company that manufactures the cloth on top of pool tables that has been in business since the 1400’s? It’s true! These experts know a thing or two about their craft. There are fast play and slow play cloth covers, depending on the amount of friction the ball will have against the cloth. Obviously, balls roll faster and farther with fast play cloth material, and the opposite for slow play. Competitive pool or billiard games always use a cloth made from 100% wool. Most of the time, the cloth is green, although it can be found in other colors like blue or red.

No matter how you slice it, the game of pool, billiard games, or Snookers are all one of the longest standing games of our time! They have been played through the ages, have crossed many cultural boundaries, and have made their way to modern day as one of the most fun family games around. If you’ve always wanted to buy a pool table but don’t know where to start, let Elko Spas, Pools & Billiards help you with all you need to know! Come visit us and see our show room. We have everything you need, including the know-how, to get you playing one of the world’s most well loved games!

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Pool Cleaning Basics

Resort1 300x190 Pool Cleaning BasicsIf you own a pool, you already know what a luxury and enjoyment it can be, as well as the need to  keep it clean and safe with regular pool cleaning. Cleaning your swimming pool doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to learn a few basics, understand the products needed, as well as the timing. Some things need to be done everyday and other things can be a part of a schedule for maintenance.

Creating A Schedule For Pool Cleaning

Cleaning The Skimmer Baskets. If you create a schedule of the things that need to be done, it’s much less daunting. You will want to check the skimmer baskets on a daily basis, especially if your pool is near trees. At the very least, you should clean the skimmers a few times a week. If these skimmer baskets aren’t cleaned, your pool will begin to get backwash, which can create problems such as clogging pipes that go to the pump room. That can lead to the pool’s filtration system being compromised.

Vacuuming The Pool. You should plan on vacuuming the pool about once a week. If you see that the pool is getting leaves or other debris more often, then you will need to clean it more often. The debris will negatively affect the pH levels of the water.

Cleaning The Tiles. Pool cleaning also includes keeping the tiles clean. This should be done weekly in order to keep the pool clean and beautiful. You can get away with a little less often if need be, but keep an eye on it.

Cleaning The Pumps. A couple of times during the season, the pumps need to be cleaned. The pumps need to be opened up and the pressure checked. If you see that pressure getting towards the 40’s, it’s pretty high and will need to perform a backwash.

These are just guidelines to help you in your process of  keeping your pool clean. Following these tips will keep your pool sparkling and clean, as well as safe. It will prevent algae, which can be hard to get under control once it starts. If you feel you have the time, you can of course clean the pool more often.

Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service

Of course, the other option you have is to hire a reputable cleaning service. If you don’t want to worry about keeping your pool clean yourself, then call Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools today and let us do the job for you! We have all your pool cleaning supplies if you do want to do it yourself. Call us today to find out how we can help you keep your pool working beautifully for years of enjoyment!

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