Pool Chemicals Myrtle BeachAlthough you know about the basic pool chemicals that you need to maintain and take care of your swimming pool, you might have difficulties choosing the specific chemicals to buy may be difficult and overwhelming especially considering the wide variety of chemicals available in the market today. Add to this the right amounts that you need to purchase. You should know the exact amount of chemicals to buy to avoid having the need to store the excess at home, which can be dangerous and risky for your kids and your pets.

To help you choose the right pool chemicals to buy, below is a list of some helpful tips.

  1. Consider buying a preventive maintenance program.

When you visit a pool supplies store or when you consult a pool professional such as Elko Spas Billiards and Pools, they will recommend that you buy maintenance programs. These programs have the complete set of chemicals that you need in order to take care and maintain your swimming pool. Basically, these preventive maintenance programs often include a sanitizer such as chlorine, a shock, algaecide, balancing chemicals to help you adjust water chemistry and test strips so you can ensure you have achieved a balanced chemistry for your pool water.

  1. Buy complete chemical programs from legit retailers and pool suppliers.

To be sure that you are buying the right types and amounts of pool chemicals, buy only from legit retailers and providers. They can offer professional suggestions about the types of chemicals that you should use depending on the type and size of your swimming pool. If you like, they can also come up with a specialized program depending on your needs. For example, if you need to treat your swimming pool that has been filled with algae and bacterial growth, the retailers can create a modified program for you.

  1. Some chemicals have multiple purposes.

There are chemicals that can be used to prevent and eliminate staining depending on the frequency and manner of application. Chemicals used to clean pool filters, such as those spray-on formulas, also works to treat cloudy water. Note, however, that this will only clear the cloudiness in the water but will not work to adjust the pool water chemistry, which is what likely caused the water’s cloudy appearance. If you have already cleaned the pool filter and the water still appears cloudy, experts highly recommend testing the pool water chemistry so you can adjust where necessary.

The best thing about using chemicals with multiple purposes is the savings you generate from having to buy several other chemicals and cleaning products. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that it is still better to use a specialized cleaning product or treatment pool chemical for major pool problems. Otherwise, call a swimming pool professional to assist you in treating and guide you in preventing similar problems from arising in the future.

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