Myrtle Beach pool tablesBilliards table are now considered by many as a precious investment that should be properly maintained and taken care of. Myrtle Beach pool tables are not cheap investments, regardless of whether you buy a brand new or already used table. Add to this the costs required for maintenance and upkeep.

If you own a pool table, it is important that you know how to properly take care of your investment. Failure to do so may mean more expenses for you to either restore or repair your table. And if the damage of wear and tear is beyond repair, you are left with the option to buy a new one or forget everything about owning a pool table and playing a game at your convenience.

Here is an easy maintenance guide that you can follow to be able to use your billiards tables for much longer. Who knows, you just might be able to pass it on as a family heirloom to your children.

1. Do not attempt to move the table on your own

If you want to rearrange the furniture in your game or recreation room and would have to move your pool table, it is best to hire professionals like those from Elko Spas Billiards & Pools to help you do this. Keep in mind that pool tables are installed and leveled in a certain way to ensure efficiency when using the table and playing a game. Should you try and move it or even give it a slight push, this will cause the table to become un-level. Aside from this, it may also cause the slate seams to shift and cause damage to your table particularly in the rails, rail panels, and table frames.

2. Avoid sitting on your pool table

Your friends or other members of the family might not think twice about sitting on the pool table and using it for other purposes. You must let them know that they should refrain from doing this as this could damage the table. More specifically, it can cause to change the perfect level of the table, scratch the finish, and separate the rubber from the rails. To discourage your guests, friends, and household members from sitting on your billiards table, arrange a place of seating and hanging out for conversations in the same room, preferably in the other side from where your pool table is.

3. Cover your pool table when not in use

Another great idea to dissuade other members of the household from using the pool table in other purposes – i.e. in doing homework, as a work table, as a dining area – is to cover the table when not being used to play games. There are various types of pool table covers available in the market today that you can purchase and use immediately. You could also have one custom made for you. Contact your table manufacturer and inquire about the most efficient and suitable cover for your table.

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