Hot Tubs Myrtle BeachYou have searched Craig’s list or the classifieds for a used hot tub and you think you have found what looks like a great buy. Or maybe a friend or neighbor has offered to let you purchase their hot tub or are even offering it to your for free. Is it really a good deal? Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing until you have it installed and running.

Tips When Purchasing a Used Hot Tub or Spa

The first priority is to never purchase for any used hot tub or spa that you have not personally seen in operation and have completely tested. Purchasing a “dry” tub is asking for problems. There is the possibility that you will get lucky and the unit will work just fine, however, you are more likely to have a disaster on your hands that costs you money. Like having a home inspection before buying a home, you will want to spend the money to have the Myrtle Beach hot tub or spa inspected before you buy.

Secondly, you will want to have someone who knows what they are doing move the hot tub. You are putting stress on the plumbing, the frame and the shell when you are moving the unit. A crack that you never noticed when the spa was sitting at the original location will be made worse when loading it on truck if not properly handled. Less than honest sellers won’t tell you if the spa or hot tub has been repaired in the past and any damage will be magnified when moving. Just because everything looked great when you first inspected the unit doesn’t mean it will be the same when you have moved and installed your used hot tub.

Nothing in life is “free.” Even a free hot tub will cost you to move and there could be other unexpected expenses.

Hot Tub Expenses To Take Into Consideration:

Most “portable” units will not fit on the back of the average pickup truck. You are better off hiring a company like Elko Spas Billiards & Pools that knows hot tubs and how to move them safely.

There are electrical systems that need to be hooked up and this should only be done by a licensed electrician. This will probably involve some trenching for the electrical line unless you have already installed a line for a pool.

It is recommended that you run a 220 volt drop.

After you hot tub has been setup then you need to go about fixing anything that may have been broken during the move. You will want to thoroughly inspect the tub for hairline cracks or other damage before you start filling the unit.

Don’t forget the supplies. You will need chemicals to purify the water, possibly a cartridge filter, a kit to test the water (unless you plan to take the water to be tested) and a cover to keep the water warm and free of debris.
After you have installed the hot tub you will want to thoroughly check the cartridge filter to ensure that it is installed property and check the filter for any wear or tears.

Take a look at the cover. Is it cracked or discolored? If a cover is not included with the hot tub or the cover is damaged, you are looking at an additional expense.

When inspecting the hot tub, be sure and check the following:

Check the accuracy of the thermostat by using a thermometer. Just because it is out of calibration does not necessarily indicate a problem, but you should know how to operate a hot but at a safe temperature. The normal temperature of a hot tub is 104 degrees and if the unit you are considering is not heating the water then you have a heart problem.

Make sure you closely inspect the areas underneath the tub and look for any signs of water damage or leaks. Closely inspect the pump for any indications of leaks or other damage that may lead to needing a new pump.
While the hot tub is running listen carefully to the sound of the pump running. You should hear a low steady hum.

If you are hearing anything else you may be listening to a pump that needs to be replaced.

Take the time to turn off the blower and listen closely to the motor. You should be hearing the same sound as a vacuum cleaner. Any pinging, knocking or scraping sounds is not normal and you may be looking at a motor replacement.

Any problems you find are areas where you can negotiate for a lower price but you may still end up spending more than purchasing a new hot tub or spa.

Before you buy what appears to be a great deal, stop by Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools and ask lots of questions. We can give you pointers on what to look for, pricing for chemicals, a hot tub cover and other parts that may need replacing. We can even give you an estimate on the cost of moving the hot tub.

Call Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools today for all your hot tub or spa needs.

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