Pool Table Myrtle BeachTo improve your pool table‘s maintenance, it is critical that you find out what types of elements could potentially damage your pool tables. Knowing more about these elements will help you avoid or control them so they won’t inflict damage to your tables.

Caring for Your Pool Table

Sitting on your pool tables

According to an expert, Roberts of Escalade Sports, “The no.1 sin for a pool table owner is to sit on it.” Despite knowing this, however, there are lots of individuals who still do it, thinking their pool table is sturdy enough to support their weight.

There are various reasons why this is the number one sin. Among the top reasons, is the fact that sitting on the pool tables can cause your rubber rail pads to become loose and pop off when you do it more than once. Ordinarily, these pads are glued to the rails just tightly enough to handle the average weight. More than that and they will easily snap off.

Another reason is that frequent sitting and even knocking or shaking, can result in pressing your table’s pin into the lodging until the table eventually starts to wobble. This could make your table weaker and, thus, it could be easily knocked off balance. Keep in mind that the stronger the foundation and legs of your billiard table, the longer it will serve you. So try not to sit on it or bump it frequently. Also, it helps if you place it in a wide and spacious room allowing you and your guests plenty of room to maneuver without knocking the table.

Pets and everything they could bring to your pool tables

Your pet’s urine are not only an eyesore; they also have a very foul smell that sometimes lingers on your furniture and curtains. Plus, they leave a stain that is difficult to remove and oftentimes, damages furniture. Aside from their eliminations, pets are also playful and curious. They love to jump up and you do not want animals jumping on your pool table! This is why you will need to keep your pets away from your tables. It would probably be best if you keep your game room off limits to your pets

Taking care of your billiard table is important if you want to preserve the life of your furniture. Repairs could become costly if you fail to do so.

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