Pool Cues Myrtle BeachIf you play pool, then you know about pool cues and how important they are to the game. Think of them like any other important tool you might have—they need to be cared for properly to ensure they perform perfectly for as long as possible. Just like you’d never leave tools made of metal out in the elements to get rained on, you shouldn’t do it with pool cues either. Another damaging factor with good pool cues is direct sunlight or being in a very cold or hot car. Cue sticks should never be left in sunlight.

A Little Lesson About Pool Cues

Cue sticks are usually constructed from wood that has been laminated. Because of this, they can easily get warped and delaminate if not cared for. Humidity can also cause them to contract or expand, so that’s why it’s a good idea to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment all the time. There are metal parts in the rings or joints of the cue stick that can come apart and separate if the cue is in different extreme temperature changes. It’s for this reason that you should also never store pool cues in a cellar or attic.

There are wall racks that you can mount to store your cues and those are a great way to go. If you like to go out to other places to play pool, then you should get a good quality cue case. Failing to do this will definitely create damage to the cue stick over time. Soft cases don’t protect quite as they should, so we prefer using hard cases that have padding on the inside. Keep in mind that while it’s fine to use a wall rack to store the cues, you should not ever leave them stored by leaning them against the wall or other surfaces. This will warp the cue—you can count on that.

Caring For Your Pool Cue

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the shaft.
  • Once your pool cue is cleaned, take a little furniture polish spray and polish the cue. This will protect the wood.
  • Invest in a good joint protector.
  • Get a tip tool to keep the end roughed up and this will keep it able to hold the chalk properly.
  • Use a damp towel dipped in soapy water and clean off the cue. Dry it with a dry cloth. This will keep the oils and another build-up from damaging the cue.

Caring for your pool cues is not hard if you follow these tips. Remember to keep liquids away from them and store them either on the wall or in a case. Never lean them against the wall.

Take care of your cue sticks and they will serve you well for thousands of games to come! Call us here at Elko for more tips and anything you may need for your poolroom. We have it all!

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