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You may be surprised to know that billiards is one of the fastest growing leisure sports today. It is played on a billiard table with a brown stick called a cue stick which is usually 58 inches long and weighs about 20 ounces. The balls are racked up with a triangle and the cue stick is used to move the balls around the table. The rules of the game will change depending on the particular game of billiards you are playing.

Here are a few of the questions we are frequently asked:

What is the benefit of playing Myrtle Beach billiards? This is a great game for increasing eye-hand coordination, concentration and focus. Teaching kids to play will help them with their ability to concentrate in school and can even help with their physics and geometry lessons.
What equipment is needed for billiards? In addition to the table itself, you will need a rack, cue sticks, balls, mechanical bridge and cue stick chalk.

Is there a standard size for the billiards table?

Tables usually come in four basic sizes:

• 39 inches by 78 inches) – 7 foot
• 44 inches by 88 inches – 8 foot
• 46 inches by 92 inches – Oversized 8 foot
• 50 inches by 100 inches – 9 foot

When determining the size of table for your entertainment room, you will need to take into consideration the length of the cue stick when making a shot from the edge of the pool table.

What is a cue ball?

In the game of billiards, these are the balls that a player can strike with the cue stick. They are usually made from either wood, ivory or some other synthetic material. Another material often used is phenolic resin.

What is chalk used for in billiards?

Chalk is used to reduce the friction between the shaft of the cue stick and the bridge, which is usually caused by perspiration.

What can I use to enhance my billiard room?

You can add billiard clocks, signs or posters. A rack on the wall to hold the cue sticks, chalk, triangle and bridge is always a good addition. A good light hanging over the pool table will help the players in those tight shots. Decorative furniture is also good. Usually only two people play at any given time and you will want a nice place for other people to sit out of the way of the players.

What is the difference between billiards and pool?

With pool you will have 16 balls including seven red, seven yellow, one white and one black ball. Billiards only takes three balls, red, black and white.

Is there an organization that controls the billiard industry?

Yes, it is called the Billiards Congress of American and is a nonprofit organization in Colorado.

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