swimming poolRight Water Temperature For Hot Tubs and Pools

It’s one of the most frequent questions we get: How hot should I keep my hot tub and/or swimming pool Myrtle Beach? Several deciding factors go into that answer, but we’ll cover some of the things to consider here in this article…

What Will Your Pool Be Used For? 

This is a good question. The swimming pool temperature should be set depending on which region in the country you live, as well as who uses it and what they are using it for. For competitive purposes, the pool water would need to be around 78 degrees, which is a relatively lower temperature. Public swimming pools on the other hand, are usually a little warmer, with temps anywhere from 78 F – 82 F. The water would be warmer still for therapy uses, classes for children or elderly people. For these purposes, the water would be more like 83-86 F. Many people say that the prefect water temperature for swimming laps would be around 75 degrees. Still others maintain it should be closer to 70 degrees.

So that brings us back to the original question of how warm the pool water should be. The truth of the matter is that if you are fortunate enough to own a pool, then the water temperature really comes down to your personal preference. Obviously, if you don’t heat your swimming pool Myrtle Beach, then the weather will be what determines how warm the water is. If you live in a warm climate, then by the first part of July, the water may feel more like bath water.

The main thing is to ask yourself what the pool is being used for. If your family is super active and swimming laps, etc., they will sweat more and need cooler water to get their core temperatures back to normal. Families who aren’t active and just want to lie around relaxing all the time will prefer the water to be warmer to make up for their lack of exercise.

So How Does Temperature Variation Affect My Pool? 

As the water gets warmer, a few things will generally happen:

  • The usage of chemicals needed will increase
  • Water evaporation will begin to happen more and more.
  • Ph balance in the water will have to be checked more frequently.

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