One of the most common misconceptions about chlorine demand is the thought that the chlorine is not working at all when it is applied to the pool/spa. Amid the frustration and confusion of a chlorine demand situation, some may start to believe the chlorine they are using is weak or somehow ineffective because they keep adding it to the water, but nothing seems to happen. By nothing, they are referring to the constant addition of product without establishing a “free chlorine” residual.

In reality, the lack of residual is caused by an overload of contamination in the pool/spa that depletes the amount of chlorine available to sanitize the water. It often appears as if chlorine is not working, while in reality it is working overtime to try and overcome impurities in the water.

Water contamination is reduced as more chlorine is added; however, the inability to maintain a chlorine residual will continue until all chlorine reactive pollutants are removed from the pool water. If the contamination is substantial, it often takes a large amount of chlorine to not only eliminate the problem, but also to re-establish the chlorine residual in the water.

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