swimming pool cleaningStorms can cause a lot of problems even on the most well maintained and cleanest swimming pools. Storms that come with high wind and heavy rain like hurricanes can sweep debris and dirt into your pool. Meanwhile, storms that result in flooding could bring with them more potential contaminants like bacteria, silt, and mud.

Making sure that your swimming pool is safe and clean under normal situations could be challenging. However, after severe weather conditions, swimming pool maintenance will be a bit harder. Hopefully, you have made the needed preparations to your swimming pool for the storm. We’re also here to help. Here are some simple swimming pool cleaning tips for bringing your pool back to its normal state and make its water crystal clear once again.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Don’t Remove Water From Your Swimming Pool

Even if the water is dirty filled with debris, you must not remove all of the water from the swimming pool. That’s the first swimming pool cleaning Myrtle Beach tip you need to know. Even though it might be tempting to drain the swimming pool and begin all over again with clean water, removing it can be risky because it could cause your pool to float or pop out of the ground because of an elevated water table. It’s better to clean the water that’s in your pool right now regardless of how dirty it is.

Skim Debris and Leaves From The Pool Surface

Getting your swimming pool back in shape following a storm starts with removing the debris that’s floating on the surface of the pool or have settled at the bottom. Use a leaf net or skimmer with an extendable telepole to rake the debris and leaves from the pool. You will have to clean the skimmer basket often because of the amount of debris in your pool. Don’t mind the small dirt particles because they can be vacuumed up later during the cleaning process.

Clean Skimmer Basket and Pump Strainer

Before you restore the power and run the filtration system, it’s a good idea to clean the skimmer baskets and the pump strainer. These will be filled with debris and if not cleaned properly could clog up your system.

Check Electrical Device and Restore Power

Before you turn the power to your pool, you have to remove all the plastic coverings first and check for indications of water damage to your device. If the equipment is dry then it’s fine to restore the power and begin running your filtration and circulation systems. Don’t turn it back on if there seems to be signs of water damage or water itself.

Clean and then Backwash The Filter

Because of the large amount of dust, dirt, and tiny particles in the water, the filter will have to be cleaned and backwashed before running the filtration system and a lot of times during cleaning, based on the severity of the storm. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s operation guide when cleaning and backwashing the filter.

Check the Level of the Water and Remove Water As Needed

During a major storm, your pool will be filled a lot of rain water. That’s fine. It just means that you need to get rid of excess water and bring the water back to its normal level using a siphon.

Vacuum and Brush Pool Walls and Floor

After you turn on the pool equipment and restore the pool water to the appropriate level, the next thing to do is to remove the fine dust and dirt particles form the pool. Vacuum them off the bottom of the pool using an automatic pool cleaner or pool vacuum.

Shock Water and Balance Pool Water Chemistry

Your pool may look clean at this point that there are still some microscopic, possibly harmful organic contaminants that are floating around. If they are unchecked, you will start to have problems with algae growth. To prevent this, use a powerful pool shock. Add sufficient shock to increase the chlorine level to around 10.0ppm.

Run Filtration and Circulation System Until Water Is Clear

Run the filtration and circulation system in order to achieve a clear and clean pool after a storm. This may take up to several days. Just make sure that the system is running the whole time.

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