swimming poolDo you plan to buy a pool, or do you already have a pool?  Please take a few minutes to think about swimming pool safety.  Remember, you are liable for what happens in your pool.

As a pool owner, you need to constantly be aware of the pool area.  Even when you aren’t expecting to have anyone in the pool, keep your eyes and ears open.  If you are a parent with an outdoor pool, all children in your home should be monitored closely.  It may take just a few moments for a child in your care to find his way and fall into your swimming pool.  It’s also important to realize that your pool may be a great temptation for neighborhood children, so you must always be on the lookout for the neighborhood kids who may try to get into your pool.  Even if children don’t live in your home on a full-time basis, you should still take steps to make your pool area a safe place so when they visit, you’ll be prepared.

A good fence is not an option; you MUST have sturdy fencing to keep your swimming pool Myrtle Beach a fun and safe place.   In most cities, there are regulations and laws governing what kind of fencing, how high it must be, as well as what kind of gate and locks you have installed.  Handyman Myrtle Beach can help you with knowing the laws and with the construction or repair of your fencing.

Your homeowners insurance company should also be notified of your pool so that you liability insurance can be adjusted accordingly.  Be sure you are in compliance with your local laws concerning safety fencing.

That great safety fence around your pool won’t do you much good if you don’t use the gate correctly.   Make it a habit that every time you enter or leave your pool area, you close the gate and lock it.  This habit will reduce the possibility of your accidentally leaving it open.  Since sometimes even younger children are able to open a closed or even latched gate, you may want to go an extra mile and install a pool alarm for security.

Ever heard of a pool alarm?  They are an added measure to ensure pool safety, and they come in a number of varieties.  You can buy an alarm that simply is attached to the door of your fence.  Whenever anyone you aren’t expecting opens the door, the alarm will sound.  There are also alarms which are installed in the pool; they will sound an alarm when there is water movement, which would alert you if someone fell or jumped into the water.

All pools depend on the use of ladders.  Check on the security of the ladder before allowing people into your pool.   In the case of an above-ground pool, you may want always remove the ladder after every swim.  Should a child make his way to your pool, he should not be able to get in without the use of the missing ladder. If you ladder is in poor condition, check with Elko Spas Billiards & Pools for a replacement.

As we started out saying, the best pool safety is simply your habit of keeping your ears and your eyes open and always be aware of your swimming pool area.  All swimmers, should be closely monitored when swimming in your pool.

Do not get into the habit of relying totally on flotation devices to keep small children safe.  There are many devices on the market, some free-floating, and some that the child will wear on his arms, or even as part of a swimsuit.  These are great tools and aids, but never let them take the place of your close supervision.

Although the tips we mentioned in this article will greatly reduce the chance of an accident, you should always be prepared.  Keep a wireless phone or your cell phone with you when you are in the pool area so you could immediately call for help should the need arise, without leaving the area unattended.

If you are not familiar with basic CPR methods, taking a course is highly recommended.  Many local organizations offer this training for free.  Start by calling your local chapter of the Red Cross.

A family pool is a great center of fun for many years.  Just pay attention to these tips, and enjoy your swimming pool!

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