swimming poolSwimming pools and heat waves go well together. When temperatures are high, nothing beats the relaxing feeling once you take a swim into your well maintained swimming pool. However, once heat waves goes beyond a few days, they could case some problems with your swimming pool water, that’s why swimming pool maintenance is essential.

The biggest problem is chlorine loss. Heavy UV exposure and high temperatures lead to increased evaporation and faster deterioration of the chlorine in the pool. Algae blooms is another cause of warmer water temperatures.

How to maintain your swimming pool during heat waves?

  • Use home test strips or kits on a daily basis
  • Bring water samples to swimming pool experts to make sure that the stabilizer and chlorine levels are ideal
  • Vacuum your swimming pool surfaces more often since algae strains form on the pool surfaces first.
  • Keep an extra shock handy in case the chlorine level drops or after heavy use of the swimming pool.
  • Keep the ideal stabilizer levels to cut back on the UV light degradation of chlorine.
  • Use a liquid solar blanket or solar blanket in the evening to lower evaporation.
  • Backwash or clean your filter more frequently.

In case you are having some trouble in holding chlorine during a heat wave, call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools right away. Our team of swimming pool experts is ready to assist you with all your swimming pool-related needs.

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