hot tubThere are many people who will run their hot tubs year round and enjoy them even in the winter. However, if you are planning on Myrtle Beach hot tub closing up your hot tub over the winter months, there are a few things you should do to get it ready.

The following tips will help you in safely winterizing your Myrtle Beach hot tub.

You can’t just pop the top back on the hot tub and think that when you want to use it again in several months that all will be well. This could be a very costly mistake! Just like a radiator in a car would freeze without anti-freeze, your hot tub can also crack and spring leaks in the pipes if not properly prepared for winter.

The first thing you should do when setting your winterizing routine for your Myrtle Beach hot tub is empty the tub of the water. This means ALL the water left in the system as well as the tub itself. Any small amount of water that is left in the system and then subjected to freezing temperatures could cause damage or busted pipes. In worst-case scenario, your water pump could be damaged and that would be an expensive repair.

After the water has been drained, you will need to run a spa flushing solution through the system. Then you will need to use an air blower and make sure that any small amounts of water left in the vents is blown out. The air heater may overheat in this process, so turn it off before starting the air blower.

After these steps are completed, turn the main power supply to your Myrtle Beach hot tub off and remove the old filters. You will replace these before opening the hot tub again next season. Make sure all adjustable fittings are loosened and complete your winter prep by vacuuming any debris out of the hot tub. Use a cleanser that doesn’t foam on the inside and leave it clean before replacing the cover.

It’s not a big deal to prep your Myrtle Beach hot tub for winter if you follow these simple steps.

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