pool tableA billiard or pool table is a big investment and you need to know how to properly care for it so that you can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.  Not only will the improper maintenance of a pool table cost your money, it will also have a negative effect on your game.  Maintaining your table doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process.  Small and consistent steps can avoid costly repairs.

Pool Table Maintenance Helpful Tips

When you first start using your pool table Myrtle Beach, the cloth will sometimes interfere with the actual roll of the balls. There is a breaking in period where the cloth needs to settle to the slate top.  You can actually speed up this process by brushing the cloth on a frequent basis.  Get in the habit of brushing the cloth both before and after every game.  You will want to brush the cloth in the same direction each time and avoid any circular motion when brushing.  If necessary, you can vacuum the table top, but here again, always in the same direction.  Always keep your pool table covered when not in use to avoid the affects of humidity and inadvertent spills or other hazards.  At Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools we have a great selection of pool table covers.

Never store the billiard balls in the pockets of the pool table Myrtle Beach when not in use.  Balls will wear the cloth around the pockets over time and this will interfere with the balls dropping freely into the pockets during play.  If you have a pool table that is made from leather, storing the balls in the pockets can cause the leather to crack.  They will also affect the shape of the leather covering the pockets over time.  We have great wall racks for storing your balls and other pool accessories.  There is no reason you should need to store the balls in the pockets when not in use.

Many pool tables have a beautiful wood finish and this should be dusted on a regular basis.  Although you purchased your pool table for entertainment, it is also a great piece of furniture and something you will want to pass onto the next generation.  A wood finish that has dulled over time can be restored to its original shine with a non-residue dusting agent like lemon oil. Another pool table maintenance tip is to never use a cleaner that had ammonia as it will damage the finish on the table from the chemicals in the cleaning fluid.  By keeping your table covered when not in use you will prevent the wood from damage, increase the life of the table and reduce future repairs.   You want to enjoy your table for years to come and not have to pay for a costly re-finish of the wood.

Use caution with drinks and food around the table during play. Encourage your guest to use coasters and never place a beer can or glass directly on the side of the table. The moisture from the drink can cause irrevocable damage to the wood and leave stains.  You may have noticed that pool rooms never allow food or drinks near the tournament tables.

As a final word of caution – don’t sit or stand on any part of the pool table.  Not only could you cause bodily injury, you will also affect the leverage of the table and the balls will not travel as intended.  Keep any unnecessary weight off the table.

As we mentioned, Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools has a wide variety of pool supplies.  Stop by our showroom to see our selection of pool table and if you don’t see one that is just right for you – we can order it!

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