above ground poolPerhaps you have always wanted a pool in your backyard, but don’t want to spend the big bucks for an in-ground pool. Did you know that there are some wonderful, fun options nowadays for above-ground pools? Gone are the days where your yard has to look tacky with a flimsy round pool that looks like it will fall over at any moment! Now, there are some fantastic options in design, materials, and colors, making DOUGHBOY Aboveground Pools an option you need to seriously consider. Not only will a pool improve the value of your home, but summer is coming soon, and you will have lots of time with your family to enjoy splashing in the cool water on hot summer days!

A Great Name In Above Ground Pools

One of our favorite brands of above ground swimming pools is DOUGHBOY Aboveground Pools. They have been around longer than most anyone else, with the company having started in 1954. Competition has grown fierce over the years, and Doughboy Pools has stayed consistent and full of quality. One of the great features of this company is that they make all of the materials and pieces needed for pool construction right in their own manufacturing plant in Arkansas. This means that they can oversee the construction and personally approve each piece that will be used to construct your above ground pool.

When it comes to designing a space for your above ground pool Myrtle Beach, you can use landscaping to make it even more beautiful. You will most likely have a deck leading to the pool, so be sure to consider safety and put gates up that will keep children out. You should also have a fence around the pool to prevent any accidents from other neighborhood children wandering in and getting hurt.

Remember that it’s important to select a good swimming pool company who will help you decide things like where the pool should go in your yard, and then oversee the entire installation process. They should also offer good warranties.

If you need the right company to install your above ground pool in the Myrtle Beach area, then give Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools a call today! We have just what you need and will see it through to completion. Elko will have in stock Limited Models of  DOUGHBOY Aboveground Pools. Get it while supplies last.

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